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How to Play Scram Darts

Scram Darts is a dart game with a little bit more strategy compared to other dart games.

It is suitable for 2 players.

If you are interested in other dart games, can you read about them here.

Setting up your dart game

A Scram Dart game has 2 phases. In Phase 1, one player is the Scorer and the other is the Stopper. 

The roles switch in Phase 2.

Simple Gameplay Instructions

Phase 1

The Stopper starts by throwing 3 darts.

Each time a number is hit, it gets closed out and marked with an X on the scoreboard. Once a number is marked with an X, the Scorer can’t score any points using it. 

It is in the Stopper’s interest to aim and close out the high points.

The Scorer follows next. They throw 3 darts and mark every hit with a tally mark next to the associated number on the scoreboard. If the Stopper already put an X on a number, the Scorer can’t score points on it.

This back-and-forth continues until the Stopper manages to close out all the numbers 1-20 with Xs. Proceed to Phase 2 when the first column is completely marked with Xs.

Phase 2

The roles switch again and the new Stopper gets to throw 3 darts to start. The same process takes place.

How do you win?

The player with the higher score wins.

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