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How to Play Hare and Hound Darts

Hare and Hound Dartsis an easy dart game and suitable for beginners.

If you are interested in other dart games, can you read about them here.

Setting up your dart game

At the start, one player is chosen as the ‘Hare’ and begins at the 20 section of the dartboard; the other(s) are ‘Hounds’ and begin at 5 section of the dartboard.

Simple Gameplay Instructions

Players alternate throwing three darts per round and move clockwise around the board, needing to land their darts in preceding areas (eg to reach 18, first hit 1).

How do you win?

The aim is for the Hare to complete a full turn of the board back to 20 or for a Hound to pass them; whoever achieves this goal first wins.

There is no traditional scoring system; simply keep track of each player’s progress around the board until someone completes a full lap or overtakes their opponent.

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