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How to Play Sushi Go Rules 

How to play Sushi Go Rules is explained in simple steps. Get your game started quickly.

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Players: 2 to 5 | Game duration from: 15 mins | Game Complexity: EASY Sushi Go! rules pdf / rulebook

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What is the goal?

For each card left on an opponent’s hand after you discard all your cards, you earn points. Be the first to score 500 points.

Sushi Go Game setup

  • Shuffle all the cards
  • Based on the number of players, deal the following to each player:
    2 players: deal 10 cards,
    3 players: deal 9 cards,
    4 players: deal 8 cards,
    5 players: deal 7 cards
  • Cards are held in hand and kept secret from others

Step by Step How to Play Sushi Go

Sushi Go is played over 3 rounds. During each round, players pick and pass cards around in an attempt to score the highest points.

Start of round – Choose 1 card from your hand

All players simultaneously choose 1 card from their hands and place it face-down in front of them. Once this is done, everyone reveals their selected cards. 

Pass the remaining cards to your left player

You pass your remaining hand face-down to your left player. Everyone picks up their new hands. The next turn starts with players having a new and smaller hand to choose from.

Sushi Go Wasabi card

Using your Wasabi cards

If you have a wasabi card in front of you when choosing a squid, salmon or egg nigiri card, this nigiri should be placed over the wasabi. Triple the value of your card when you use a Wasabi.
NOTE: Only 1 nigiri card may be placed on each wasabi card.

Sushi Go 1

Using your Chopsticks cards

Chopsticks cards allow you to take 2 sushi cards on a future turn! Choose the first card in the usual manner. Before everyone reveals their cards, call out “Sushi Go!” and take a second card from your hand and place it face-down on the table. All players then reveal their cards. Before passing hands, the chopsticks card is returned to your hand, allowing it to be passed on, and other players may take it to use again. 
NOTE: You may have multiple chopsticks cards in front of you but may only use 1 per turn.

End of Round

The round ends when the last card of each hand is passed on. Place it face-up with the others. Players now score the round. See scoring.

Start a new round

Discard all cards face-up beside the draw pile, except pudding cards, which remain in front of you until the end of the game. Start a new round.

End of Game

After the third round is scored, there will be some cards remaining in the draw pile. These are ignored. Now it’s time for dessert! Pudding cards are now scored.

Sushi Go 2

Score your Puddings

The player with the most pudding cards scores 6 points. If multiple players tie for the most, they split the points evenly (ignoring any remainder). The player with the fewest pudding cards (including players with none) loses 6 points. If multiple players tie for the least, they split the lost points evenly (ignoring any remainder).

Example: Chris has 4 pudding cards, Phil has 3 and Lisa and Amy each have 0. Chris has the most and so scores 6 points. Lisa and Amy tie for the least and so divide the lost 6 points between them, each losing 3 points. On the rare occasion that all players have the same number of pudding cards, no one scores anything for them.

NOTE: In a 2 player game, no one loses any points for puddings. Only the points for most pudding cards are awarded.

How do you win?

Whoever has the most points after 3 rounds is the winner. In case of a tie, whoever has the most pudding cards wins

Sushi Go Scoring

Sushi Go 3


  • Add all the maki rolls at the top of the card.
  • The player with the most scores 6 points.
  • 2nd place scores 3 points.
  • If tied for the most, divide the 6 points evenly and ignore the remainder. 2nd place does not score any points.
  • If tied for second, divide the 3 points evenly and ignore the remainder.
Sushi Go 4


A set of 2 cards scores 5 points.
You score zero for a single card.
Multiple sets can be scored in a round.

Sushi Go 5


Score points based on the number of dumplings held:

1: 1 point
2: 3 points
3: 6 points
4: 10 points
5: 15 points

Sushi Go 6


A set of 3 cards scores 10 points.
A single card or a set of 2 scores 9. Multiple sets of sashimi can be scored in a round.

Sushi Go 7

Nigri and Wasabi

A squid nigiri scores 3 points., and if on top of a wasabi scores 9 points.
A salmon nigiri scores 2 points, and if on top of a wasabi card scores 6 points.
An egg nigiri scores 1 point, and if on top of a wasabi card scores 3 points.
A wasabi card with no nigiri on it scores zero.

Sushi Go 1

Chopsticks Card

A chopsticks card scores nothing.

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