How to play Sushi Go Party

How to play Sushi Go Party Rules is explained in simple steps. Get your game started quickly.

Players: 2 to 8 | Game duration from: 20 mins | Game Complexity: EASY How to play Sushi Go Party! rules in simple steps Sushi Go Party! rules pdf / rulebook | Play Sushi Go Party! Online Link 1

How does Sushi Go Party work?

In Sushi Go Party! players decide what’s on the menu (card types to play) for each game! Different combinations deliver a different game.  Choose from one of the following:

My First Meal (Recommended for first time players)

Sushi Go Party 1

SUSHI GO! (The standard Sushi Go game)

Sushi Go Party 2

Party Sampler (Taste what’s new in Sushi Go Party!)

Sushi Go Party 3

MASTER MENU For seasoned Sushi Go! players who want to think!

Sushi Go Party 4

Points Platter Score big points!

Sushi Go Party 5

Cutthroat Combo Interactive and in your face!

Sushi Go Party 6

BIG BANQUET Works well with 6–8 players

Sushi Go Party 7

Dinner for Two Works well with 2 players.

Sushi Go Party 8

Sushi Go Party Game Setup

  • Place the game board in the center
  • Choose a player color and place your corresponding pawn on or near the 0 game board space
  • Divide the cards by type and place each type in separate slots in the box. 
  • Agree on which cards to use in this game.  
  • Find the menu tiles corresponding to the chosen cards and place them into their appropriate game board slots. 
  • These tiles help you see which cards are in play and how they work. 

Note: When playing with maki rolls in a 6-8 player game, flip its menu tile over to show the 6-8 player game scoring. 

Shuffle the chosen dessert cards and place them in a face-down pile to one side of the board. 

For 2-5 players
Round 1 – 5 dessert cards
Round 2 – 3 dessert cards
Round 3 – 2 dessert cards

Dessert cards used for Sushi Go Party!

For 6-8 players
Round 1 – 7 dessert cards
Round 2 – 5 dessert cards
Round 3 – 3 dessert cards

Then deal cards face-down to each player, based on this table

Sushi Go Party cards per player

2-5 Players: 10 cards
4-5 Players: 9 cards
6-7 Players 8 cards
8 players 7 cards

Take all the other chosen sets of cards and shuffle them to form a face-down deck which is also placed near the board.

How to Play Sushi Go Party in simple steps. Sushi Go Party is played over 3 rounds. During each round, players pick and pass cards around in the attempt to score the highest points.

Total Time: 20 minutes

Start of round – Choose 1 card from your hand

All players simultaneously choose 1 card from their hands and place it face-down in front of them. Once this is done, everyone reveals their selected cards. 

Pass the remaining cards to your left player

You pass your remaining hand face-down to your left player. Everyone picks up their new hands. The next turn starts with players having a new and smaller hand to choose from.

Special Card Actions

Sushi Go Party Special Action cards

Most cards score at the end of a round, but there are a few that have special rules
that may affect the current turn.

Chopsticks and spoon cards allow you to perform a bonus action on any turn after the turn in which the card is originally played.

Use a bonus action card by calling out the card’s name as all players reveal their cards during the turn. Once all have played their chosen cards, the called-out action takes effect. 

Before players begin their next turn, bonus actions occur before they pick up their right neighbor’s hand. The “Card Guide” describes how each card works.

IMPORTANT! If multiple bonus actions are played in the same turn and/or if multiple menus or takeout boxes are played in the same turn, the order of resolving the cards is determined by the small number in the card’s lower-right corner. The lowest number goes first, followed by others in ascending order.

End of Round

Sushi Go Party 9

The round ends as soon as everyone has played their cards and their hands are empty. If you have any dessert cards, place them off to the side so they can be scored at the end of the game. The strawberry icon on every dessert card reminds you of this.

You will now score all the other cards you played this round. Each card type scores differently, as the “Card Guide” explains. Move your pawn along the score track on the board to show your score.

Start a new round

Cards are then gathered and shuffled together, except for dessert cards that were played. (Add in new dessert cards for the next round.) Start the next round.

End of Game

After 3 rounds of play, the game ends. Along with regular scoring, make sure also to score your dessert cards, as described in the “Card Guide.” If there is a tie, the player with the most dessert cards wins.

How to Play Sushi Go Party! and Review Videos

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