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How to Play Uno Star Wars Mandolarian Rules Official Guide

Welcome to the quick and easy guide on how to play Uno Star Wars – a variant of the timeless card game Uno. The game applies the rules of Uno and adopts unique gameplay mechanics using themed action cards.

Players: 2 to 10 | Game duration from: 30 mins | Game Complexity: EASY Uno Star Wars rules pdf / rulebook

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What is the goal?

Players aim to discard all cards. Match your card with the top card by color or number. Skips, Reverses, Draw Twos, and Wild cards add a twist. Shout “Uno!” with one card left to avoid penalties.

Game setup

Setting Up Uno Star Wars

  1. Shuffle the cards and choose a dealer.
  2. Deal 7 cards to each player.
  3. Place the remaining cards face down in the center of the table to create the draw pile.
  4. Draw the top card from the DRAW PILE and place it FACEUP on the DISCARD PILE. Skip any Action Cards and continue with the next card.
  5. The game starts with the player to the dealer’s left, and then goes around the table in a clockwise direction.

How to Play Uno Star Wars Mandalorian in Simple Steps

On your turn, play 1 card to the discard pile

  • On your turn, you must play one card onto the Discard Pile to get rid of it.
  • PLAY any matching card in your hand on the Discard Pile.
  • Play a card only if it matches the top card’s color, number, or symbol on the Discard Pile. If you played an Action Card, it performs a special action!

If you don’t have a matching card, draw one from Draw Pile

Play a card if you can, or draw a card if you don’t have a playable card or do not wish to play it.

Play continues to the next player

Play continues with the next player once you play or draw a card.



Uno Star Wars Mandalorian Action Cards

How to Play Uno Star Wars - Mandalorian 1

Draw 2

When played, the next player must draw 2 cards and lose their turn.

Uno Star Wars Mandalorian Skip Card

Skip Card

When played, the next player loses their turn

Uno Star Wars Mandalorian Reverse Card

Reverse Card

When played, the direction of play reverses.

Uno Star Wars Mandalorian Wild Card

Wild Card

Wild card matches anything and lets you choose the continuing color.

Uno Star Wars Mandalorian This is the way

Wild This is the Way Card

When someone plays a Draw 2 or Wild Draw 4 card on you, you may play this card to block the penalty and then choose any other player to draw the cards – even the one who played it originally! This card is also a wild card, so you choose the color that resumes play.

Uno Star Wars Mandalorian Wild Draw 4

Wild Draw Four card

If you have a Wild Draw Four card, you can play it regardless of the card on the Discard Pile. But there’s a rule you need to follow. You can only play the Wild Draw Four if you have no card in your hand that matches the color of the Discard Pile.

When played, the next player has 2 options: Draw 4 cards and lose their turn OR challenge.

Show your entire hand if challenged to confirm a matching card color, including wild cards.

    • If you DO NOT have a card that matches color: the challenger draws 6 cards instead of 4 and loses their turn.
    • If you DO have a card that matches color: YOU must draw 4 cards and they draw none.

This card is also a Wild card, so you get to choose the color that continues play (regardless of the outcome of any challenge).

How do you win?

Calling Uno

When playing UNO and you have only one card left in your hand, it’s important to shout “UNO” to let the other players know that you’re about to become the winner. However, if another player calls out “UNO” before you while the next player has not yet taken their turn, then you will be required to draw two more cards  


When a player plays their final card, they’re the winner! Let’s shuffle up and play some more!  

Keeping Score

When a player wins a hand, they score points based on the cards left in their opponent’s hand.

Cards are valued as follows:
All number cards (0-9) are Face Value

Any Action Card is worth 20 Points
Any Wild Card is worth 50 Points

Track points after each hand. First to 500 wins.

How to Play Uno Star Wars and Review Videos

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