Top 10 Abstract Strategy Board Games You Should Play

In this post, we provide you with our recommended list of the top 10 Abstract Strategy Board Games. 

Abstract Strategy games are usually 2 player games, with simple and elegant rules but require deep strategy and tactics. These games have minimal randomness.

Check out our list. Feel free to comment if we have missed out a game you think should be on this list.

If you want to find out more about Abstract Strategy, read our What are Abstract Strategy Games article.

Age: 8+

Duration: 30 – 45 mins

Age: 8+

Duration: 20 – 20 mins

Age: 10+

Duration: 2 – 20 mins

Age: 6+

Duration: 20 – 30 mins

Age: 10+

Duration: 15 – 60 mins

Age: 8+

Duration: 20 – 40 mins

Age: 10+

Duration: 5 – 30 mins

Age: 11+

Duration: 15 – 45 mins

TROSS!: Viking Chess

Listing 2

TROSS is Viking chess/checkers. Unlike usual checkers, you want to humiliate your opponent by capturing their throne, not eliminate their pieces. It’s about the throne, not the pawns. Dishonor them and send them home cowering! TROSS is Norwegian for “to spite”. You must outwit the opponent without killing all their pieces completely. To accomplish this, you may have to spite your own pieces.

This is a handmade game that also includes a canvas scroll game board and a red-stained, wooden box with screen printing of the TROSS logo. Hand-stained, the 20 wooden cube pieces are packaged in a burlap drawstring bag.

Using the attachment on the back of the upper wooden end of the board, you can also wall hang the board and display it as the piece of art it is. It is available with red-stained wood ends. Both the game storage box and the wood ends are stained red.

This game concept was created by Aaron Stimpson and produced by Jon Dyer of Twice Alive Games.

You can buy the game here

Tross resembles chess and checkers, but there is a distinct difference: the goal is to leave as many of your opponent’s pieces on the board as possible. As with chess or checkers, you are capable of jumping your opponent’s pieces to advance your own, but to do so would defeat the purpose of the game. In this game, players are encouraged to make what they refer to as the “Tross Move” in which they sacrifice their own pieces to spite their opponents, which is appropriate since the word “Tross” itself is the Norse word for “spite.”

Tross is a brilliant strategy game that’s incredibly simple and can be played anywhere with ease. In contrast to traditional chess and checker, leaving pieces on the board is a refreshing change.

Age: 13+

Duration: 40 – 60 mins

Age: 10+

Duration: 10 – 30 mins

Age: 10+

Duration: 20 – 40 mins

Wizards of the Grimoire

From Grimoire Games:

Years of tutelage under the late Archmage Andor have culminated in this moment; his two protégés must now become rivals and battle to determine who will become the next Keeper of the Grimoire. As protection from your rival, you have only your magical gifts, your mastery of the Grimoire, and a select few spell pages ripped from its binding. Pick carefully; the spells you choose will allow you to counter your opponent, twist the fabric of time, and deal devastating damage, but only if you’re able to find synergies between spells and manage your mana reserves carefully.

In this two player strategy card game, you must fulfill your destiny and become the Keeper of the Grimoire. Defeat your opponent by drafting new spells from the magical Grimoire, casting them, managing your cooldowns, and dealing massive damage.

Each turn, draft one new spell to be added to your spell repertoire. But be warned! Your opponent has access to the same spells as you do, so choose the spells you want before your opponent does! Continue updating your spell repertoire throughout the game to optimize your deck and counter your opponent.

Cast spells. Deal devastating damage or confuse and trip up your opponent. More expensive spells will have a larger impact on the game, but be careful, they’ll cost you more mana and will have a longer cool down. You can cast as many spells as you like on your turn so long as you have enough mana and the spells aren’t in cooldown. Find spell combinations that work together and time them correctly, to increase your damage or counter your opponent.

Be the first wizard apprentice to eliminate your opponent’s life points to become Keeper of the Grimoire.

—description from publisher

Age: 10+

Duration: 60 – 90 mins

Age: 11+

Duration: 30 – 90 mins

Age: 4+

Duration: 5 – 25 mins

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