King of Tokyo

Quick and Easy to Read Guide on how to play King of Tokyo

Easy and fast way to learn King of Tokyo rules. We cover the essential rules and gameplay and get your game started quickly.

Suitable for 2 – 6 players | 20 – 40 mins duration | Recommended age 8+ | Game complexity: LOW Genre: Dice,Fighting,Movies/TV/Radio Theme,Science Fiction Solo game mode: No Co-op: No Online Version: No

What is the goal ? #

  • A game for 2-6 players
  • Players play as monsters, robots, aliens who battle to become King of Tokyo
  • Players roll various dice to battle each other in this fun exciting and easy to learn game

Game set-up  #

  • Player choose their monsters and set LIFE POINTS and VICTORY to 10
    Life points and Victory Points - King of Tokyo Monsters
  • Tokyo board is placed in center of table
  • Shuffle cards to form deck
  • Deal 1st 3 cards face up an place next to board.
  • Put black dice at table center. Set green dice aside.
  • Form pool of energy cubes
    Energy Cubes

2 to 4 players #

  • use only Tokyo City

5 to 6 players #

  • use both Tokyo City and Bay

Gameplay #

  • Game plays clockwise
  • Each player rolls 6 black dice
  • Player with most smash icons Smash Icon King of Tokyo showing on dice goes first
  • When tied, players roll until one player has the greatest number of smash dice Smash Icon King of Tokyo

A turn proceeds as follows:

  1. Roll Dice
  2. Resolve Dice
  3. Enter Tokyo
  4. Buy Power Cards
  5. End of turn

Step 1 Roll Dice #

On the start of your turn:

  • Roll the dice up to 3 times. You can stop rolling any time

1st roll of dice:

  • Roll 6 black dice and 1 or 2 green dice if you have a Power Card that allows you roll green dice

2nd roll of dice:

  • For the dice that give you the results you like, set them aside and roll only the ones you don\’t like

3rd roll of dice:

  • Re-roll any dice whose results you don\’t like or have set aside

Now, resolve the dice.

Step 2 Resolve Dice #

  • Resolve all dice and in any order
  • Symbols shown on your last dice roll represent your turn actions
Turn actions: #
Gaining Victory Points #
  • If you roll three-of-a-kind of 1, 2, or 3, gain as many Victory Points as the number
  • Each additional die rolled of same face, gives you 1 additional Victory point
Gaining Energy #
  • Gain 1 Energy from the pool for each energy icon rolled
  • Place them in your reserve and keep them for spending later
Smash #
  • Monsters who are not in same place as you lose 1 Life Point for each smash icon Smash Icon King of Tokyo rolled:
    • If you are in Tokyo City or Tokyo Bay, all Monsters outside lose health
    • If you are outside of Tokyo, all monsters in Tokyo City and Tokyo Bay lose health
  • Monsters who lose health and are in Tokyo (Bay or City) can decide to stay or leave
  • Each claw result on the dice causes loss of 1 Life Point
  • If a player/Monster loses his last Life Point, the player is eliminated

No Player/Monster starts the game in Tokyo. The Monster who plays 1st does not cause Monsters to lose life points he gets a Smash Icon dice result

You can only choose to leave when you lose Life Points from a Smash IconSmash dice throw.  You can’t leave if you lose Life Points from Power Cards do not

Healing #
  • When outside Tokyo, you gain 1 Life Point for each Heart Heart icon rolled
  • If you are inside, you can’t gain Life Points from dice rolls. You can only gain Life Points from Power Cards.

Life points cannot exceed 10.

Step 3: Enter Tokyo #

If no one is in Tokyo, you must enter and place your Monster in Tokyo City.

You can only leave Tokyo when you lose Life Points from a Smash IconSmash  dice result rolled by another player/Monster.

No monster/player starts in Tokyo and so the first player must Tokyo City during this phase.

5 to 6 players rule #

  • If Tokyo City is occupied but Tokyo Bay is empty, you must enter Tokyo Bay
  • Tokyo Bay and Tokyo City are considered as “in Tokyo” and have the same effects
  • Once the game has 4 or fewer players, you must leave Tokyo Bay immediately. If Tokyo City is empty, you move there from Tokyo Bay

Effects of being in Tokyo #

  • You gain 1 Victory Point when entering Tokyo
  • You gain 2 Victory Points when you start your turn in Tokyo
  • You cannot gain Life Points from rolling the heart icon Smash Icon on your dice roll
  • You can still use Power cards to gain Life Points
  • When smashing, all Monsters outside of Tokyo lose life points when you roll the smashSmash Icon icon
  • The Monsters outside of Tokyo cause all Monsters in Tokyo to lose life points when they roll the claw icon

Step 4: Buy Power Cards #

  • You may buy 1 or more of the 3 face-up cards with your Energy Cubes
  • The card indicates the cost of Energy
  • Replace bought cards immediately from top of the deck
  • New cards are immediately available for purchase
  • Spend 2 energy cubes to discard and change all 3 face up cards

There are 2 types of Power Cards:

  • Keep: keep cards face up in front of you until end of game
  • Discard: Resolve cards immediately and discard


tokensSmoke, Mimic, Shrink and Poison tokens are used with certain power cards

Power Cards #


King of Tokyo 1

If there are 2 Opportunist in play, the 1st Monster clockwise whose turn it is get 1st chance to buy newly revealed cards

Fire Breathing

Fire Breathing power card

Monsters of players seated to your left and right each lose 1 Life Point.


King of Tokyo 2

Discarding your Keep cards happens in the End of Turn step. You get back full cost of card as printed.


King of Tokyo 3

Copies effects of a card as if it had just been played. If the copied card is discarded, Mimic no longer has an effect and you take back associated token. You can place it on another Keep card at start of next turn (before rolling dice) by spending 1 energy cube

Poison Spit and Shrink Ray

Poison Spit and Shrink Ray

Poison and Shrink tokens stay even if their associated cards ard discarded. You cannot remove tokens while in Tokyo. You must be outside of Tokyo to use Heart icon dice rolls to remove tokens.

How do you win? #

  • The game ends at the end of a round when a Monster reaches 20 VICTORY POINTS
  • Monster with 20 VICTORY POINTS is the winner
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