Kingdomino Board Game Review

Game Description

Kingdomino Board Game Review

In Kingdomino, you expand your kingdom with new land (domino tiles). You must connect different types of land to gain points and compete with others to acquire them first.

In the game, on each turn, each player will choose a new domino to connect to their existing kingdom. The game ends when each player has completed a 5×5 grid. and points are counted based on the number of connected tiles and crown symbols on them.

Kingdomino Board Game Review
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    • Simple to learn and you can get started quick
    • Strategic thinking involved in choosing and placement of your dominoes tiles
    • Family-friendly
    • A great challenge in trying to fit your dominoes in a 5×5 grid


    • May not appeal to those wanting a more complex game

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    Game Features

    Recommended Age 8
    Estimated Game Time 20 min
    Min number of players 2
    Max number of players 4
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