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Quick and Guide on the Game of Life game rules

Easy How to Play Life Game instructions guide

Check out our how to play Life game instructions guide to get your game started fast. Access our guide across various devices. You no longer need to share a single rulebook or download the game of life rules pdf!

Game of Life is a:

  • 2 to 6 player board game
  • Recommended for ages 8 and up

Table of Contents

What is the goal?

In the game of life, players travel through their lives looking for success. As you play the game, you will move from college to working life and then to family life and then retirement.

Throughout the process, you will earn money, make investments, get married and have children and retire. 

Game setup 

Life Tiles

  • Place Life Tiles LIFE-side up near game board
  • Draw 4 tiles and stack LIFE side up at Millionaire Estates


  • Seperate cards into 4 decks and place face down near game board
    • Career Cards
    • Salary Cards
    • House Deed Cards
    • Stock Cards

Insurance, policies and bank loans

  • Separate and palce each pile near game board


  • Choose 1 player to be banker who is in charge of all money paid to and from the bank
  • Each player gets $10000 from the bank

Cars and Pegs

  • Each player chooses a car and fits a people peg


  • All players spin the wheel
  • Highest spinner is the 1st player to start
  • Play continues clockwise

Game is played by player turns:

  • On your turn, spin the wheel and move your car number of spaces on the spinner
  • Always move your car forward
  • If space is OCCUPIED, move to next open space
  • Follow space directions and end turn

First turn in the game is an exception. On the 1st turn, each player has to decide on:

  • starting a career or
  • go to college

College offers move career and salary options in future but it takes time and you will be in debt

1. First Turn: Start Career or Start College?

Life Rules - Career or College

Starting a Career:

  • Place car on Start Career space
  • Draw a Career Card. You cannot keep a Career Card that says “Degree Required”. If you draw one of these, draw again
  • Draw a salary card
  • Place Career Card and Salary Card face-up in front of you
  • Spin and move as in a regular turn

Starting College:

  • Place car on START COLLEGE space
  • Borrow $40000 from the bank for college
  • Spin and move as you would on a regular turn

Reaching Job Search space. When you reach this space, do the following:

  • Choose your career card: Draw 3 cards at random and choose 1
  • Choose your salary card: Draw 3 cards at random and choose 1
  • Place Career and Salary Card in front of you

The Spaces

Game of Life 1
Orange Space

Most spaces are orange. Follow the directions

Blue Space

Spaces are optional. Instructions are optional.

Night School space

  • You may change careers and salaries
  • Draw 2 Career Cards and choose one
  • Draw 2 Salary Cards and Choose 1
Green Space

Pay Day spaces. Collect your salary when you land or pass. If you pass multiple spaces, you earn multiple times your salary

Red Space
  • Stop at this space, even if you have moves left.
  • Follow directions and spin and move again
Life Space
  • Take 1 LIFE Tile from draw pile
  • If draw pile has run out, take 1 tile from any opponent
Job Search
  • Stop when reaching this space (even when you have moves left)
  • Draw 3 Career Cards at Random – Choose 1 card and return the rest
  • Draw 3 random Salary Cards and choose one
  • Place Career and Salary Card faceup in front of you
  • Spin and Move
Career Spaces
  • Stop when reaching this space (even when you have moves left)
  • Draw 3 Career Cards at Random – Choose 1 card and return the rest
  • Draw 3 random Salary Cards and choose one
  • Place Career and Salary Card faceup in front of you
  • Spin and Move
Game of Life 2
Changing Careers

Fired and Mid Life Crisis Spaces:

  • Trade Career Card by drawing 1 card at random and replacing the current card. You cannot keep “a Degree Required Card” if you did not go to college.
  • Draw 1 Salary card at random and replace current card
Life Game Rules - Changing Careers
Career Spaces
  • Opponent owns matching Career Card
    • Pay player amount on that space
  • You own matching career card
    • Pay nothing
  • No player owns the matching Career Card
    • Pay bank the amount on that space
Game of Life 3
Taxes Due Spaces
  • Pay accountant the taxes on your Salary Card
    • If you are an accountant, pay nothing
    • Pay opponent who is the accountant
    • If no one is an accountant, pay the bank
how to play life game rules - taxes due space
Special Police Officer Rule
  • If you are the police officer, you get speeding fines
    • Catch a player spinning 10 and the player pays you $5000
  • If no player is a police officer, there are no speeding fines
Game of Life 4

How do you win?

  • Game stops when all players have retired
  • Players at Millionair Estates, count their money
    • Richest player gets 4 LIFE tiles
      • If tied, tied players split the tiles
  • All players turn LIFE Tiles message side up and add dollar amounts shown
  • All players count and add their money to the dollar amounts added from their LIFE tiles
  • Player with the highest dollar value wins
Game of Life Rules - How to Win
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