Learn how to play Kingdomino with easy to read rules

Learn how to play Kingdomino in less than 5 minutes with our easy to read summary and visual guide of the essential Kingdomino rules. Skip the rule book and get your game started fast.

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What is the goal?

  • KingDomino is a 2-4 player game where you are a King who seeks to expand his land (represented by the dominoes)
  • Players play a series of rounds
  • Each round, players pick different patterns of dominoes and try to connect them in a 5 X 5 grid
  • Players gain points by:
    • planning and forming patterns and
    • connecting key dominoes
  • The player with the highest score wins

Table of Contents

Game setup Game set-up 

Kingdomino Game setup involves the following:

  • Assembling your 3D castles
  • Setting up starting King Pieces and tiles
  • Setting up Dominoes Drawing pile

Assemble 3D Castles

Kingdomino - Assemble 4 3D castles

Setting up starting King Pieces and tiles

Kingdomino 1

Setting up Dominoes Drawing pile

Kingdomino 2

Kingdomino 3 Gameplay

Overview of gameplay:

Each round involves the players doing the following:

  • capture a piece of land/domino to add to their kingdom
  • connect their new piece to their existing pieces in a 5X5 grid
  • players continue each round till all the dominoes have been drawn
  • When the rounds end, players will score their pieces based on how they have placed their land/dominoes

Starting Round

1. Take 1st 4 dominoes from the draw pile

2. Line up dominoes

  • Line up vertically with terrain side down
  • Arrange with numbers in ascending order (lowest number at the top)
  • Flip over to expose terrain side
Line up dominoes - Kingdomino
Line up dominoes

3. Players claim dominoes

  • One player takes all 4 different coloured king pieces in hand
  • Randomly pulls pieces one at a time
  • Each King piece pulled indicates which player claims a domino
  • Player claims dominoes by putting their King Piece on them
Claim Dominoes - Kingdomino
Claim Dominoes - Kingdomino

4. Select and line up 4 new dominoes

  • Line up vertically, terrain side down, in ascending order, next to claimed dominoes
  • Flip new dominoes over
Kingdomino 4
Line up next set of dominoes

Subsequent Rounds

After the starting round, subsequent rounds involve players taking the following actions:

  1. Add your claimed domino to your Kingdom
  2. You choose a new domino from the next line
  3. When all players have added their dominoes to their Kingdom, another 4 dominoes are drawn to form the next line

1. Add claimed domino to your Kingdom

5 X 5 rule
Kingdom of dominoes cannot be more than 5 X 5 squares
Same terrain
When connecting a domino to another domino, at least 2 connecting squares have the same terrain
Same terrain examples
4 sides of starting tile
Any terrain can be connected to the 4 sides of the starting tile
Dominoes that do not fulfil connection rules
If you cannot fulfil the connection rule, you need to discard the domino
If they can be placed, they must be placed
Dominoes cannot be discarded if they can be placed in the Kingdom

2. Choose new domino from the next line

  • Once your domino is added to your kingdom, select a domino from the next line
  • Place King on top of domino to claim it
Claiming next domino - Kingdomino
Claiming next domino in the line after adding a domino to your kingdom

3. Draw another 4 dominoes

When all players added dominoes to their kingdom:

  • Line up 4 dominoes vertically again, terrain side down, in ascending order
  • Flip over to start a new round
  • Use position in the line as new playing order

Daroolz - winning the gameHow do you win?

The player with highest points wins the game.


  • A kingdom is composed of different PROPERTIES (groups of connected, either horizontally or vertically, squares of the same type of landscape).
  • Each property’s points are determined by the NUMBER OF SQUARES multiplied with the NUMBER OF SPECIFIC CROWNS
  • A property without a specific crown will give you no points.
  • Each player will add the points,the result is their final score.
Kingdomino 5
Kingdomino scoring example

Kingdomino 2 Player Rules

  • Each player takes 2 King Meeples, 1 starting tile and 1 castle
  • Play with 24 randomly selected dominoes (half)
  • During the round, players select 2 dominoes with their 2 King Meeples
  • Order of 1st round is still random selection and order of subsequent rounds is determined by the order of kings in the line

Kingdomino 3 Player Rules

  • Each player takes 1 King Meeple, 1 starting tile and 1 castle
  • Play with 48 randomly selected dominoes 
  • Play as normal. Discard leftover domino every round.

Additional Game Variations

You can apply the following variations to make the game more challenging.

Mighty Duel
For advanced players. Use all 48 dominoes and each player creates a 7 X 7 grid kingdom
Get 5 bonus points if player's kingdom forms a complete grid (5 X 5 or 7 X 7) and no gaps
Middle Kingdom
10 bonus points if the castle is in the centre of the kingdom. (Kingdom may have gaps)
Play 3 games in a row. Player with highest total wins.

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