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If You Like Codenames, Here Are 10 Board Games You Must Play

If you’re a fan of the board game Codenames (View Our Codenames – How to Play Guide Here), here are 10 board games similar to Codenames that you must play!

1. Mysterium

If You Like Codenames, Here Are 10 Board Games You Must Play 1

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“Mysterium” is a must-try for anyone who loves a mix of mystery, teamwork, and a touch of the supernatural in their board games. In this unique cooperative game, players work together to solve a murder, but here’s the twist: one player, the ghost, communicates with the other players, the psychics, through visions (illustrated cards). The ghost guides them to uncover the murderer, location, and weapon. It’s like a séance meets Clue!

The game’s blend of intuitive gameplay, stunning artwork, and the intriguing challenge of interpreting abstract clues make it an enthralling experience. It’s perfect for game nights, encouraging collaboration, deduction, and plenty of discussion. If you’re up for a game that’s as atmospheric as it is engaging, “Mysterium” is a journey into the unknown that you won’t want to miss!

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2. Decrypto

If You Like Codenames, Here Are 10 Board Games You Must Play 2

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“Decrypto” is a fascinating and intellectually stimulating board game that’s perfect for those who love code-cracking and wordplay.

In this game, players split into two teams, each trying to correctly interpret their team’s coded messages while trying to intercept and decode the opposing team’s messages. The catch? You’re communicating in code, using a set of shared keywords that only your teammates know. This creates an exhilarating blend of strategy, teamwork, and clever word association.

“Decrypto” is ideal for groups who relish cerebral challenges and the thrill of outsmarting their opponents in a battle of wits. It’s a game that guarantees to engage your mind and keep your game nights lively and full of suspense!

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3. Spyfall

If You Like Codenames, Here Are 10 Board Games You Must Play 3

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Spyfall is a brilliantly crafted social deduction game that offers a thrilling mix of bluffing, suspicion, and clever questioning. Players find themselves in various locations, from a casino to a space station, with one player secretly playing the role of a spy. 

The spy must blend in and deduce the location, while others try to identify the undercover agent through strategic questioning. It’s a game of wits and subtlety, where every answer can be a clue. Perfect for groups who enjoy intrigue and espionage themes, “Spyfall” promises laughter, suspense, and a great test of your poker face!

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4. Spy Alley

If You Like Codenames, Here Are 10 Board Games You Must Play 4

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If you’re into games that blend sneaky strategy with a dash of espionage, then “Spy Alley” is a game you’ve got to check out.

Picture this: you’re a secret agent with a mission, navigating through the treacherous alley of spies, all while concealing your identity. Each player is a spy from a different country, trying to collect secret items and reach their embassy without getting caught. The thrill? You’re bluffing and deducing others’ identities while safeguarding your own. It’s like being in a spy movie, but you’re the star!

“Spy Alley” is perfect for casual game nights where laughter, suspense, and a bit of deception create an unforgettable experience. Ready to don your spy hat?

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5. Hanabi

If You Like Codenames, Here Are 10 Board Games You Must Play 5

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“Hanabi” is a unique and exciting game where players cannot see their own cards, but must rely on clues from other players to win. 

That’s “Hanabi” for you – a cooperative card game where you’re trying to create the perfect fireworks show by placing cards in the right sequence. The twist? You rely on clues from others to figure out what cards you hold.

It’s all about communication, memory, and a bit of guesswork. Perfect for casual gamers looking for a chill yet mentally stimulating game night. “Hanabi” is like a puzzle you solve together, where the joy is in the journey, not just the destination. Let’s light up the sky!

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6. Dixit

If You Like Codenames, Here Are 10 Board Games You Must Play 6

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If you want something whimsical and imaginative, “Dixit” is your go-to board game. The game is all about storytelling and interpretation, where players use beautifully illustrated cards to tell a story.

In each round, one player acts as the storyteller, sharing a sentence inspired by one of their cards. The other players choose cards from their hands that best match the story told by the storyteller.

The catch is that you have to guess which card belongs to the storyteller. It’s super easy to learn, making it perfect for casual gamers. “Dixit” is a magical journey into creativity that is sure to spark laughter and conversation at your next game night.

This game is perfect if you enjoy the clues aspect of Codenames. 

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7. Insider

If You Like Codenames, Here Are 10 Board Games You Must Play 7

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If you’re up for a game that’s a blend of 20 Questions and a sneaky twist of hidden roles, then “Insider” is totally worth checking out.

In this game, one player knows the secret word, and the others have to figure it out by asking yes-or-no questions. But here’s the twist: there’s an ‘Insider’ who knows the word and subtly steers the group towards the answer. After the word is guessed, you have to figure out who the Insider was.

It’s quick, easy to learn, and perfect for casual gamers looking for a mix of deduction and a bit of mischief. “Insider” is all about those “Aha!” moments and suspicious glances, making your game night both intriguing and full of laughs.

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8. Deception Murder in Hong Kong

If You Like Codenames, Here Are 10 Board Games You Must Play 8

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“Deception: Murder in Hong Kong” is a game that will totally spice up your game night. Think of it as a mix between a crime scene investigation and a party game.

One of you is the murderer; the rest are investigators trying to crack the case. The twist? The murderer is hiding in plain sight, trying to throw everyone off the scent. You get to examine evidence, discuss theories, and try to read your friends’ poker faces.

It’s a blast for casual gamers because it’s easy to pick up and seriously engaging. Each game is a new mystery, making “Deception” a go-to for a thrilling evening with friends.

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9. The Chameleon

The Chameleon board game

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“The Chameleon” is like the ultimate game of hide and seek, but with words! One player, the Chameleon, doesn’t know the secret word everyone else is aware of. Each round, players say a single word related to the secret word, and the Chameleon has to blend in without a clue. The fun part? After everyone speaks, you all guess who the Chameleon is! It’s super easy for casual gamers to jump into and perfect for those who love a bit of bluffing and guessing. Each game is filled with suspicion, laughter, and those “Gotcha!” moments, making “The Chameleon” a hilarious addition to any game night.

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10. Hues and Cues

If You Like Codenames, Here Are 10 Board Games You Must Play 9

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Ready to add some color to your game nights? “Hues and Cues” is a vibrant board game that’s all about guessing and describing colors. Imagine a board with a spectrum of hues, where you give and interpret color clues. It’s like a color palette exploded into a fun guessing game. Perfect for casual gamers, it’s super simple to learn but offers a rainbow of challenges. Whether you think in shades of sunset or the exact hex code, “Hues and Cues” is a blast for anyone who loves a splash of creativity and a lot of laughs.

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