How to Play Cranium

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Suitable for 4 – 16 players | 55 – 65 mins duration | Recommended age 13+ | Game complexity: EASY Genre: Party Game,Puzzle,Trivia,Word Game Solo game mode: No Co-op: No Online Version: No
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What is the goal? #

You and your team can sculpt, act, puzzle, and even spell backwards to win this fun party game for four or more players! 

Game setup  #

  1. Divide the players into two teams of two or more. When you have a large group, you can divide into four teams, as long as each team has at least two players. It\’s a longer game, but just as fun!
  2. Teams pick a mover to place on the purple START space
  3. Set out the four card boxes: Creative Cat®, Word Worm®, Star Performer®, and Data Head®
  4. Set out the die, timer, and tub of Cranium Clay
  5. Give each team a notepad and pencil.
How to play Cranium - game setup

Choose how long to play #

Fold the board to pick the game length you want.

How to play Cranium - Setup - Fold Board to pick your game length

Gameplay #

Team with the player whose birthday is coming up next goes first. 

  1. You roll at the end of each turn after completing an activity. You\’ll play the Cranium activity card whose color corresponds to the space your mover is on.

    Every time you\’re on a purple or Planet Cranium space , your team can choose from one of four character card boxes.

  2. Have the team to your right draw your card and read it aloud to you.
  3. As soon as you\’re ready, the team to your right starts the timer. Before time runs out, your team must successfully complete the activity.

    Successful completion of the activity
    Roll the die and move to the next color indicated. If you are playing a full-sized or mid-sized game, you must stop at every Planet Cranium, even if your roll would otherwise take you past it. The turn is over. Play moves to the left. Unsuccessful completion of the activity
    Don\’t roll or move. Your turn is over. Wait until your next turn and try again.

All-Play Cards #

A Cranium all-play card pauses the game and allows teams to compete at the same time.

  • First team to shout out the correct answer before the time runs out wins an instant bonus roll.
  • After an all-play card is played, the winner takes one bonus roll and moves.
  • Then the team whose turn it was when the card was drawn takes its regular turn.

Drawing an all-play card while you\’re on a Planet Cranium #

If your team wins the all-play card and it was your first activity while on a Planet Cranium, roll and move onto the fast track.

If your team doesn\’t win the all-play card and it was your first activity while on a Planet Cranium, you can still to get on the fast track on your regular turn.

Fast Track #

When playing the full-sized game, every Planet Cranium gives the team a chance to get on the fast track.

If your team is successful on the first activity you do on a Planet Cranium, hop on the inner fast track. Otherwise, take the scenic route – the outer path.

You must stop at every Planet Cranium – even if your roll would otherwise take you past it. If you\’re on the fast track and you roll purple, zoom straight ahead to the next Planet Cranium.

Cranium 1

How do you win? #

Enter Cranium Central. In your next turn, the other teams choose your final activity from the card box.

If you are unsuccessful, you can try again on your next turn.

The team that is the first to successfully complete an activity in Cranium Central (all-play cards count, too), wins Cranium!

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