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How to play Farkle Dice Game for those who hate rulebooks

What is the goal?

Farkle is a dice game players take turns rolling dice to score points in the game.  Players total up their scores and aim to reach a winning total.

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How to Play Farkle Gameplay in Simple Steps

Select a starting player

Players take turns in a clockwise direction to roll the 6 dice

On your turn, roll all 6 dice

How to Play Farkle Dice Game Rules
You can set aside and score one or more dice. Scoring is based on the displayed dice scoring combinations.

If you score all 6 dice, continue throwing

Scoring all 6 dices in Farkle

If you can’t score all 6, set aside dice you can score

Farkle Dice Scoring Example

Continue throwing or end turn and keep score.

Decide if you wish to keep throwing the remaining dice and scoring a different combination and adding to your score or ending your turn and keeping your current score. When ending your turn, hand dice to the next player.

Farkle! Lose all Points!

When you score the dice, you have the option to continue throwing the remaining dice. You FARKLE and your turn ends if you can’t score any of the dice. When you FARKLE, you lose all your points gained during the turn.

How do you win?

1st player to reach a total of 10000 points wins.

Frequently Asked Questions about Farkle Dice Game

How do you win at Farkle?

Be the first player to score 10000 points from dice roll combinations.

How do you set up Farkle Dice Game?

You just need 6 dice and something to keep score.

What is the object of the game Farkle?

Farkle is a dice game where players take turns rolling dice to score points based on dice combinations.  Players total up their scores and aim to reach a winning total.

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