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How to Play Sudden Death Darts

Sudden death darts is an easy dart game and suitable for beginners.

If you are interested in other dart games, can you read about them here.

What is the goal?

Stay in the game by not being the lowest scoring player in the round.

Dart setup

  • Anyone can start first
  • The order of play can be in any manner, decide amongst yourselves

How to Play Sudden Death Darts in Simple Steps

When you throw your 3 darts during your turn, total up the value scored.

After everyone has had a go, the player with the lowest points for the round is out.

The gameplay continues until the last standing player.

How do you score in Sudden Death darts?

Sudden Death uses standard dart-scoring rules.  The number value is doubled if you hit the outer ring and tripled if you hit the inner ring. Green Bull is 25 points and Bullseye is 50 points.


How do you win?

The last player standing wins.

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