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How to Play Game of Life Rules if you hate reading rulebooks

I hate reading rulebooks and wrote this How to play Game of Life rules guide to provide straight forward steps to get started quick. This guide covers the latest retail version.

Older version Game of Life rules PDF or 2000 Game of Life Rules PDF

What is the goal?

Players move from college to work, then to family life, and finally to retirement, seeking success. Along the way, you’ll earn money, invest, marry, have children, and retire.

Game of Life Setup

Each player chooses a car and fits a people peg.
Select a player to be the banker who hands out salaries and manages bank loans

Split Cards into 5 Decks
Separate House, Action, College, Career and Pet cards into 5 decks and place them next to the board.

5 decks of game of life cards


Each player gets $200000 from the banker.

Players choose Career or College

Players decide on a career or college on their first turn.
College offers more career and salary options in future but it takes time and you will be in debt.


Career Start space
  • Place your car on Start CAREER space
  • Draw 2 Career Cards from top of deck and select one
  • Place chosen Career Card face-up in front of you


College Start space
  • Place your car on START COLLEGE space
  • Pay bank $100000 in college fees

All players spin the wheel and highest spinner starts the game.

Gameplay in simple steps

On each player’s turn:

  • Spin and spinner and move spaces along chosen path (career or college)
  • Collect salary when passing Payday space
  • Stop even if you have moves left if you come to a STOP! space
  • Follow instructions on space that you land and pass to next player

Get a bank loan if you run out of money

Players must take a loan if they don’t have money to pay a debt or buy something.
Banker gives money plus one bank loan certificate for every $50k loaned.
Players pay off the loan at any time by returning each certificate and $60k to the bank.

How do you win in the Game of Life?

Use our calculator to quickly count your net worth and determine who wins.


Reach retirement space and choose to go to Millionaire Mansion or Countryside Acres.
Park car there and wait for everyone else to retire.

Collect Retirement Bonus from the bank.
1st to retire: $400k
2nd to retire: $300k
3rd to retire: $200k
4th to retire: $100k

End of the Game Steps

When everyone reaches retirement, everyone calculates their net worth by

  • Selling owned houses. Spin to determine worth and collect cash from bank.
  • Collect $100k for each Action card in hand]
  • Collect $100k for each Pet Card in hand
  • Collect $50k for each baby in your family
  • Pay bank $60k for each outstanding loan you have
  • Count total cash and player with the most wins

Game of Life Editions to check out | daroolz.com

The Game of Life Board Spaces

Pay Day

Game of Life Pay Day Space

Collect your salary (stated on your College or Career card) from the bank when passing this space. Collect the money before following any space directions.
When landing on the space, collect an additional $100,000.


Game of LIfe Action Space

Take the top Action card from the deck and read it aloud and perform actions

Spin to Win

Game of Life Spin to Win

Players choose a number on Spin to Win and place a token on the number.
Spin the spinner till you get a number with a token on it.
A player whose token is on that number, wins $200k.


Game of Life Baby Space

The player has a baby. Add as many pegs as instructed by the space.


Game of Life House Space

Player may choose to buy, sell a house or do nothing.

Buying a house

Take top 2 house cards from deck and pick one and return other to the bottom of the deck.
Pay the bank the price of the house.
Players may own more than one house.

Selling a house

Spin the spinner and see if center of spinner is red or black.
Collect sale price based on that color as listed on the House card.
Return card to bottom of the deck.


Game of Life Pets Space

Draw top Pet card from the deck, read aloud and follow instructions.
Keep card until end of the game.


Players stop their token even if there are moves left.

Graduation Stop!

Game of Life Graduation Stop!

Take top 2 college career cards from the deck and select one to be your career. Return the other back to the bottom of the deck. Place selected card in front of you. Spin again and move.

Get Married Stop!

Game of Life Get Married StoP!

Get married and pop a peg in your car.
Spin for cash gifts from everyone. Spin a red and collect $50k. Spin a black and collect $100k.
Spin again and move.

Night School Stop!

Pay bank $100k and change your career at Night School.
Take top College Career card and if you want to keep it, place face-up in front of you and return your previous career card.
Spin again and move.

If you choose to keep your current career card, spin again and continue on current life path.

Family Stop!

Game of Life Family Stop!

Choose between Family Path and staying on current life path.
If you choose family, spin again and move along the Family Path.
If not, spin again and move along current life path.

Baby Stop!

Game of Life Baby Stop!

Spin and see how many babies you had. Pop the number of pegs into your car. Spin again and move.

Risky Stop!

Game of Life Risky Stop

Choose between Risky Road or Safe Route.
Spin again and head along the chosen path.

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