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Easy How to Play Life Game instructions guide

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Game of Life is a:

  • 2 to 6 player board game
  • Recommended for ages 8 and up

Suitable for 2 – 6 players | 55 – 65 mins duration | Recommended age 8+ | Game complexity: EASY Genre: Children Games,Economic,Electronic Solo game mode: No Co-op: No Online Version: Yes
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What is the goal? #

In the game of life, players travel through their lives looking for success. As you play the game, you will move from college to working life and then to family life and then retirement.

Throughout the process, you will earn money, make investments, get married and have children and retire. 

Game setup  #

Life Tiles #

  • The LIFE Tiles carry a secret message: a special achievement, and a dollar amount that counts toward your overall cash value.
  • Mix up the LIFE Tiles LIFE-side-up near the gameboard.
  • Stack 4 tiles at Millionaire Estates LIFE-side-up, without looking at the message on the back. The rest go into the draw pile.

Cards #

  • Seperate cards into 4 decks and place face down near game board
    • Career Cards
    • Salary Cards
    • House Deed Cards
    • Stock Cards

Insurance, policies and bank loans #

  • Separate and place each pile near game board

Money #

  • Choose 1 player to be banker who is in charge of all money paid to and from the bank
  • Each player gets $10000 from the bank

Cars and Pegs #

  • Each player chooses a car and fits a people peg

Gameplay #

All players spin the wheel and highest spinner starts the game. Play continues clockwise

Game is played by player turns:

  • On beginning of your turn, you have the option to buy auto insurance, home insurance (if you own a house) or stocks (if you don’t own one)
  • Spin the wheel
  • Move your car forward number of spaces on the spinner
  • If space is OCCUPIED, move to next open space
  • Follow space directions and end turn

Players decide on a career or college on their first turn.

College offers move career and salary options in future but it takes time and you will be in debt

First Turn: Start Career or Start College? #

Career #

Starting a career in Game of Life
  • Place your car on Start CAREER space
  • Draw a Career Card from deck at random.
    You cannot keep a Career Card that says “Degree Required”. If you draw one of these, draw again
  • Draw a salary card from deck at random
  • Place Career Card and Salary Card face-up in front of you
  • Spin and move as in a regular turn

College #

Start College and Job Search in Game of Life
  • Place your car on START COLLEGE space
  • Borrow $40000 from the bank for college
  • Spin and move as you would on a regular turn
  • Choose your career card: Draw 3 cards at random and choose 1
  • Choose your salary card: Draw 3 cards at random and choose 1
  • Place Career and Salary Card in front of you

The Spaces #

Game of Life 1

Job Search #

When reaching the Job Search space (even if you have moves left), do the following:

  • Choose Your Career Card
  • Draw 3 cards at random, look and pick 1, then return the other 2 cards to the deck. See the Career Guidance section.
  • Choose Your salary Card
  • Now choose your Salary Card the same way
  • Place your Career and Salary Card face-up in front of you. Now spin and move again.
Career Guidance #

The amount of money one earns depends on your salary and how often other players land on your career spaces. Landing on career spaces is dependent on luck and hence, just choose any career you want.

Orange Space #

Most spaces are orange. Follow the directions

Blue Space #

Spaces are optional. Instructions are optional.

Night School space #

  • You may change careers and salaries
  • Draw 2 Career Cards and choose one
  • Draw 2 Salary Cards and Choose 1

Green Space #

Pay Day spaces. Collect your salary when you land or pass. If you pass multiple spaces, you earn multiple times your salary

Red Space #

  • Stop at this space, even if you have moves left.
  • Follow directions and spin and move again

Life Space #

  • Take 1 LIFE Tile from draw pile
  • If draw pile has run out, take 1 tile from any opponent
  • Do not look at the back of the Life Tile. Place it in front of you.

Career Spaces #

Symbols on these spaces match those on 9 Career Cards. Players earn money from opponents that land on their career space. When landing on a Career Space, perform the following:

  • If Opponent owns matching Career Card
    • Pay player amount on that space
  • If You own matching career card
    • Pay nothing
  • If No player owns the matching Career Card
    • Pay bank the amount on that space
Game of Life 2
Taxes Due Spaces #
  • Pay accountant the taxes on your Salary Card
    • If you are an accountant, pay nothing
    • Pay opponent who is the accountant
    • If no one is an accountant, pay the bank
how to play life game rules - taxes due space
Special Police Officer Rule #
  • If you are the police officer, you get speeding fines
    • Catch a player spinning 10 and the player pays you $5000
  • If no player is a police officer, there are no speeding fines
Game of Life 3
Changing Careers #

Fired and Mid Life Crisis Spaces:

  • Trade Career Card by drawing 1 card at random and replacing the current card. You cannot keep \”a Degree Required Card\” if you did not go to college.
  • Draw 1 Salary card at random and replace current card
Life Game Rules - Changing Careers

Pay Day #

Collect your salary from the bank when landing or passing this space. Collect the money before following any space directions.

Getting Married #

When reaching this space, stop even if you have moves left. Take 1 LIFE tile and add 1 people peg to your car. Spin and move again.


Whenever you land on a:

  • Baby Boy or Baby Girl space, add 1 people peg to your car
  • Twins space, add 2 people pegs to your car.
  • On all of these spaces, take a LIFE Tile.


When reaching space, stop even if you have moves left. Draw 1 House Deed at random. Pay the bank the price on the deed (not the insurance amount).
If not enough cash, you must borrow from the bank. Spin and move again.


Automobile Insurance #

You can buy car insurance at the beginning of any turn. Take out one policy for $10,000. Now you are protected against accidents, damage and theft.

Homeowner’s Insurance #

Protect your house from floods, tornadoes and theft by buying Homeowner’s Insurance when you buy a House-or at the beginning of any one of your later turns.
Insure your house for the amount shown on your deed and get a single policy.

Stocks #

At the beginning of any turn, you may buy 1 Stock. You pay the banker $50,000 and take 1 stock of your choice.
When any player (including you) spins the number on your Stock, collect
$10,000 from the bank!

You can own only 1 Stock.
Exception: If you land on the Stock Market Zooms space, take 1 Stock (at no
charge) even if you already own one!

If you lose your only Stock on a Stock Market Slumps space, you can
again buy 1 Stock. at the beginning of later turns.

Bank Loans #

The bank allows you to borrow money during any of your turns. Obtain one or more bank loans (each loan is worth $20,000). You will receive the matching amount from the bank.

Repay all loans to the bank (with $5,000 interest each) when you retire,
or during any turn before then.

Retirement #

As soon as you reach the RETIRE space, stop.Then do the following:

  • Repay to the bank any outstanding loans.
  • Place your Career Card, SalaryCard, Insurance Policies (if any) and House Deed out of play.
  •  Keep your Stock-you can still collect when players spin your number!

If you think you might have the most money, place your car on Millionaire Estates (any number of players may retire there). Otherwise, place your car on Countryside Acres.

Once retired, wait until all other players have retired.

If you retire at Millionaire Estates and the Life Tiles draw pile has run out, players landing on LIFE spaces may take tiles from you.

If you retire at Countryside Acres, collect 1 Life Tile.
Your Life Tiles are safe. If the draw pile has run out, players landing on LIFE spaces CANNOT take tiles from you.

How do you win? #

  • Game stops when all players have retired
  • Players at Millionaire Estates, count their money
    • Richest player gets 4 LIFE tiles
      • If tied, tied players split the tiles
  • All players turn LIFE Tiles message side up and add dollar amounts shown
  • All players count and add their money to the dollar amounts added from their LIFE tiles
  • Player with the highest dollar value wins
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