How to play Shanghai Darts Game Rules

A simple, straightforward guide to help you learn how to play Shanghai darts game fast! Click here for more dartboard games.

Setting Up Shanghai Darts Game

  • Decide who starts first by having each player throws one dart at bullseye. The closest to the bullseye goes first.
  • On the scoreboard, each player will have 20 columns numbered from 1 to 20.

How to Play Shanghai Darts Games Rules Step by Step

Step by Step How to Play Shanghai Darts Guide. Several people or teams can play Shanghai Darts. You try to score as many points as possible in 20 innings or “Shanghai” your opponent.

Start round with number 1 and try to get the highest score

Take turns throwing three darts to score the highest score possible for Round 1. The score is only based on wedges associated with the number 1 on the dartboard. For example, you only count 1 in the first round. The doubles ring counts as twice the number scored, and the triple ring counts as three times.

Score the next round the same way

Once round 1 is completed, players will throw 3 darts on their turn and score the same way for the number 2. This goes on for 3, 4 and so on, till you reach number 20.

How to win Shanghai Dart Game?

Unless someone “Shanghai”s to win, the player with the highest score after 20 rounds, wins.

How to Shanghai in Shanghai Darts?

The second way to win is to “Shanghai” your opponent. To Shanghai, you must hit a single, a triple, and a double of the target number in any order. A Shanghai ends the game and you win regardless of the other player(s) score.

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