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Players: 2 to 6 | Game duration from: 45 mins | Game Complexity: EASY

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What is the goal of the game Disney Villainous?

Villainous is a 2-6 player game. Each player takes the role of a different Disney Villain Character. Disney Villainous Characters have unique goals/objectives they need to achieve
Players move their villain along the board and perform actions available. Player who fulfils their villain objective wins.

Villainous Game Setup

The following outlines the steps required to setup your Disney Villainous game. If you have already setup or know this step, click here to go to the next section.

Setup of player’s cards, items and board

  1. Each player chooses the following:
    • their villain mover and board and deck
    • fate deck
    • villain guide and reference card
  2. Place the board in front of you and place villain mover on left-most location on board
  3. Place a Lock Token on the right-most location of the board (there is lock symbol in the corner)
  4. Players shuffle their villain deck and left to the board. Leave room for the villain card discard pile
Villainous 1
Villainous Fate decks
Villainous Villain guides
Villainous Player setup

5. Draw starting hand of 4 cards from your Villain deck. You may look but keep them secret from others.

6. Shuffle your Fate deck and place it face down to the right of your Board.

7. Place the Power Tokens in the Cauldron

8. Choose a player to go 1st.

  • 1st player does not start with any Power
  • 2nd player takes 1 Power from Cauldron
  • 3rd and 4th each take 2 Power
  • 5th and 6th each take 3 Power
Villainous power tokens in power cauldron
distribution of power tokens in Disney villainous

Types of Cards

Each player takes a role of a Villain and compete to fulfil their objective and win

Types of Cards

  • Villain Cards
    Played to bottom of your Board
  • Fate Cards
    Played to top of your Board
  • Ally Cards
    Appear in Villain deck and assist your Villain
  • Hero Cards
    Appear in Fate deck and go against your Villains.

Reference Card

  • The reference card tells how each Villain reaches its objective and identifies the actions. You can use this card to track how close other players are to their objective
Villainous 2

Villain Guide

  • includes details on your Objective and information about your villain
Villainous Villain guides
Villainous 3

Types of Cards

Each player has two decks of cards:

  • Villain cards (with colored backs) and
  • Fate cards (with white backs)
    Villainous 4

  • You play your Villain cards from your hand to the bottom of your Board.
  • Opponents play your Fate cards to the top of your Board.

Any card that is at a location on your Board is considered to be in your Villain’s Realm.

A card’s Ability is ongoing and in effect for as long as the card remains in your Realm.

There is no limit to the number of Villain cards or Fate cards that may be played to a location. As cards are played to locations, slightly offset them so all cards at a location can be seen.

Ally cards

Villainous 5
  • appear in the Villain deck and represent Villain\’s henchmen, helpers and pets.
  • to play, pay its costs and place the card below any unlocked location in your Realm
  • each Ally has a Strength, which may be modified by other cards in the realm
  • most Allies have an Ability that affects other cards and actions
  • Once an Ally is in your Realm, you\’ll need to choose whether to use it to defeat a Hero or keep it in your Realm for its Ability

Hero cards

Villainous 6
  • appear in the Fate deck and are trying to stop your Villain’s plans.
  • you play Heroes from your opponent\’s Fate decks by performing the Fate action
  •  to play a Hero, place the card on top of any unlocked location in the Opponent\’s Realm
  • You can use a Hero to block an opponent’s progress by covering useful actions
  • The actions covered by a Hero are no longer available until the Hero is moved or defeated
  • Each Hero has a Strength, which may be modified by other cards in the Realm.
  • Additionally, most Heroes have an Ability that makes it harder for your opponent to achieve their Objective.

Effect Cards

  • appears in both the Villain and the Fate deck
  • are one-time event cards
  • to play, pay its Cost, do what the card says and then discard it face up to the discard pile

Condition Cards

  • play them during the opponent\’s turn
  • not played during Play a Card action
  • if you have a Condition in your hand and the card requirements are met during an opponent’s turn, you may immediately play the card, do what it says, and then discard it face up to your discard pile
  • After a Condition is played, the opponent’s turn continues. Do not draw a new card. You must wait until the end of your turn to draw back to four cards.

Step by Step How to Play Disney Villainous Gameplay

Each player takes a role of a Villain and compete to fulfil their objective and win

Player Turn

1. Move Your Villain

Move your Villain Mover to a different location. You may move to any location in your Realm, as long as it is not locked. You may not stay at your previous location.

Villainous 7

2. Perform Actions

  • Each location has symbols representing the actions you may take when you move there.
  • You may perform all of the available actions in any order.
  • Each action may be performed one time for each symbol that appears.
  • Actions are optional

During the game, actions may become covered by Fate cards.

If an action is covered, that action is unavailable and may not be performed until the card covering it is moved or discarded. When an action is uncovered, it is immediately available and may be performed if your Villain is at that location and it is still your turn

Villainous 8

Type of Actions

Power Symbol - Disney Villainous

Gain Power

  • Take Power from the Cauldron equal to the number on the symbol.
  • You need Power to play cards and activate Abilities
Power symbol example - Disney Villainous
How to Play a card - Disney VillainousPlay a Card
  • Play a card from your hand
  • Only 1 card can be played for each Play a Card section
  • Pay the Power cost of playing the card 
  • If you do not have enough power, you may not play it
  • Item or Ally card may be played to any unlocked location in your Realm
Villainous 9
Activate - VillainousActivate
  • Choose one Item or Ally in your Realm with an Activate symbol.
  • Pay the card’s Activation Cost, if any, and perform the card’s Activated Ability.
Villainous 9
Fate - Disney VillainousFate
  • Choose the opponent to target and reveal 2 cards from the top of their Fate deck
  • Play 1 card and discard the other face-up to that opponent\’s Fate discard pile
  • Decide how to use the Fate cards\’ Ability against your opponent and disrupt their progress
  • A Hero may be played to any unlocked location in that Opponent\’s realm
Villainous 10
In a 5- or 6-player game:When you are the target of a Fate action, take the Fate Token from the last player who was targeted. As long as you have the Fate Token, you may not be targeted
Move item or ally - DisneyMove an item or ally
  • Move one Item or one Ally at any adjacent location in your Realm 
  • You may not move an Item or Ally into or out of a locked location.
  • You may not move an Item that is attached to an Ally or a Hero
Villainous 11
Move an Ally from any unlocked location to an adjacent unlocked location
Move a hero - Disney Villainous

Move a Hero

  • Move one Hero at any adjacent location in your Realm
  • You may not move a Hero into or out of a locked location
Villainous 12Vanquish
  • Defeat one Hero at any location in your Realm by using 1 or more Allies that are in the same location
  • Each Ally and Hero has a Strength which may be modified by other cards in the Realm
  • Ally\’s Strength must be equal to or higher than the Hero\’s Strength
  • Multiple Allies may be used by adding their Strength together
  • When Hero is vanquished, discard the Ally to your Villain discard pile and discard Hero to your Fate discard pile
Villainous 13
Villainous 14Discard Cards
  • Discard as many cards as you wish from your hand
  • Cards are discarded face-up to your Villain discard pile
  • Getting rid of unneeded cards can give you new options for your next turn
  • When discarding, do not immediately draw new cards. Wait till the end of the turn to draw 4 cards.

3. Draw Cards

  • At the end of your turn, if you have fewer than 4 cards:
    • draw from your Villain deck until you have 4
    • if your deck is empty, shuffle your discard pile to form a new deck
  • Move to next player\’s turn

How do you win?

  • Fulfil your Villian’s Objective (it is found on your Reference Card).  Once fulfiled, you WIN!
  • Read out your objective once you fulfil it so that other players know.
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