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Terraforming Mars Expansions – face political turmoil, colonies and other planets

Further challenge your ability to make Mars inhabitable with these base game expansion that bring new areas of Mars to explore, political challenges, and outer colony trading.

Expansion Add-ons to the base Terraforming Mars game

Terraforming Mars Prelude takes you to the early stages of Mars Colonisation

Buy Now on Amazon Terraforming Mars Expansions - face political turmoil, colonies and other planets 1“Terraforming Mars: Prelude”  introduces powerful Prelude cards, each representing a different aspect of your corporation’s early history and specialized starting conditions.  Whether it’s launching ambitious space missions or pioneering groundbreaking technologies, these cards set the stage for a more personalized, strategic setup and deeper gameplay. Prelude also unfolds new narrative dimensions, making each playthrough a unique and thrilling adventure in the quest to make Mars habitable. Players: 1 to 5 | Game duration from: 90 mins | Game Complexity: EASY Terraforming Mars: Prelude rules pdf / rulebook Find out more about Terraforming Mars Prelude

New maps and regions to explore with Terraforming Mars Hellas and Elysium

New maps in Terraforming Mars Hellas and ElysiumExplore two new, beautifully crafted maps: the Hellas region, known for its vast southern ice cap, and the Elysium region, sitting on the opposite side of Mars, filled with vast lowlands and rich mineral deposits. They introduce unique geographical features and challenges, offering new strategies and opportunities. Hellas & Elysium offers a fresh visual change with new milestones and awards, enhancing strategy and replayability. Players: 1 to 5 | Game duration from: 90 mins | Game Complexity: MEDIUM Terraforming Mars: Hellas & Elysium rules pdf / rulebook Find out more about Terraforming Mars Hellas & Elysium Buy Now on Amazon

Expand into new frontiers with Terraforming Mars Colonies

New expansion cards from Terraforming Mars ColoniesIn this thrilling expansion of Terraforming Mars, you extend your influence beyond the Red Planet and establish colonies throughout the solar system. expanding a galaxy of new strategic possibilities. Launch fleets to distant moons and asteroid belts, and construct outposts that yield valuable resources and unique benefits. Whether it’s mining and harvesting ice from new frontiers or tapping into the energy-rich fields of the asteroid belt, each colony brings its own strategic advantage. Terraforming Mars Colonies expansion adds a new layer of depth and complexity by making you think beyond the Martian landscape and build a thriving network of interstellar outposts. Players: 1 to 5 | Game duration from: 60 mins | Game Complexity: MEDIUM Terraforming Mars Colonies rules pdf / rulebook Find out more about Terraforming Mars Colonies Buy now on Amazon

Politics and Planetary Crisis Unfold in Terraforming Mars Turmoil

Expansion cards from Terraforming Mars TurmoilThis expansion introduces a layer of political intrigue and planetary crisis that will test the mettle of even the most seasoned Terraforming Mars players. As the race to make Mars habitable intensifies, ‘Turmoil’ adds a new strategic dimension, where navigating political landscapes becomes as critical as managing resources. You will encounter Mars’ first political system, complete with rival parties, each vying for power and influencing Mars’ development. As the corporation leader, you must now contend with shifting political winds, global events, and legislative agendas that can drastically alter your plans. Lobby for beneficial policies, influence the Terraforming Committee, and adapt to new global events that can reshape the game’s economy and progression. Players: 1 to 5 | Game duration from: mins | Game Complexity: MEDIUM Terraforming Mars Turmoil rules pdf / rulebook Find out more about Terraforming Mars Turmoil Buy now on Amazon

Terraforming Mars Venus Next

Buy Now on Amazon Terraforming Mars Expansion Venus NextThe expansion brings Venus into the game with its own unique set of rules and conditions. Unlike Mars, Venus can’t be fully terraformed, but it offers opportunities for players to contribute to its partial transformation and earn rewards along the way. With the addition of a new Venus board, complete with its own terraforming track and milestones, it adds an exciting side mission that complements the main objective on Mars. Players will come across new corporations, project cards, and Venus-specific events that challenge them to rethink their strategies. Finding the right balance between Mars and Venus becomes a crucial aspect of gameplay, adding a refreshing twist and deepening the strategic element of the game. Players: 1 to 5 | Game duration from: 90 mins | Game Complexity: MEDIUM Terraforming Mars Venus Next rules pdf / rulebook Find out more about Terraforming Mars Venus Next

Standalone games based on the Terraforming Mars

Terraforming Mars Ares Expedition is accessible to more gamers with its improvised and faster gameplay

Buy Now on Amazon ‘Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition Terraforming Mars Ares Expedition is a standalone game that reimagines the classic Terraforming Mars experience. It is faster-paced with a game format that is more accessible to casual gamer while retaining the strategic depth. This innovative version combines card drafting and simultaneous action selection, creating dynamic gameplay that keeps everyone constantly involved. The board has been streamlined and it focuses on the card-based mechanics. Players: 1 to 4 | Game duration from: 45 mins | Game Complexity: MEDIUM Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition rules pdf / rulebook Find out more about Terraforming Mars Ares Expedition

Terraforming Mars Dice Game – Faster gameplay that keeps the strategy of the original 

Terraforming Mars Dice GameThis adaptation brings the epic task of terraforming the Red Planet to life through the luck and strategy of dice. Perfect for both fans of the original and newcomers seeking a quicker, more accessible experience, this dice game version offers a fresh and engaging way to transform Mars. Like the original, you work to make Mars habitable. The game cleverly distills the essence of its predecessor into a dynamic dice-based system. Each roll represents your corporation’s actions – from building infrastructure to advancing technology and initiating terraforming processes. The dice determine the resources available each turn, adding an element of chance that challenges players to adapt their strategies on the fly. You strategise how to allocate your dice rolls to optimize your terraforming efforts. With options to invest in various projects, raise global parameters, and compete for milestones and awards, every choice can swing the balance between success and setback. The game retains the thematic depth and strategic richness of Terraforming Mars, while introducing a faster-paced, streamlined gameplay. Players: 1 to 4 | Game duration from: 20 mins | Game Complexity: Find out more about Terraforming Mars Dice Game Buy now on Amazon
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