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Like Uno? Check out these interesting Uno Editions

Having played Uno since I was a kid, I’ve been amazed at how this classic card game has evolved over the years into various editions, each adding its own unique twist.

From “Uno Flip” that introduces double-sided cards and a whole new set of rules, to “Uno Attack” where an electronic card launcher adds an element of surprise, there are different variants to add new fun and excitement. Listed below are some of the different and interesting Uno editions to explore.

Uno and Jenga Combo Gives You Uno Stacko

Players: 2 to 10 | Game duration from: 20 mins | Game Complexity: EASY
How to play UNO Stacko rules in simple steps
UNO Stacko rules pdf / rulebook

Uno Stacko – it’s like the wild child of Jenga and Uno had a party and everyone’s invited! Picture this: you’re stacking up these colorful blocks, each with Uno numbers and colors, and every move is a giggly gamble. You’ve got to pull out a matching colour or number block of the last one, but here’s the twist – some blocks have those classic Uno wild cards and action functions. So one minute you’re carefully pulling out a block, and the next, you’re laughing as your friend struggles to draw two more! Uno Stacko is the game where your steady hand meets your Uno strategy,

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Photo of Uno Stacko

Uno Blast – Ticking time bomb of Uno Cards

Players: 2 to 6 | Game duration from: 30 mins | Game Complexity: EASY
How to play UNO Blast rules in simple stepsUNO Blast rules pdf / rulebook

Uno Blast

You are in for a wild ride with “Uno Blast,” the game where Uno meets a ticking time bomb of cards! Imagine playing Uno, but there’s this card cannon in the middle, just waiting to blast cards at you if you can’t make a move. Expect a lot of laughs. Every the launcher button is hit because someone can’t play a card, a random number of cards come shooting out like jack-in-the-box. “Uno Blast” takes the Uno experience to an explosive level.

Attack of Uno Cards

Players: 2 to 10 | Game duration from: 30 mins | Game Complexity: EASY
How to play UNO Attack! rules in simple steps
UNO Attack! rules pdf / rulebook

Uno Attack

Uno Attack,” the game that’s like Uno’s wild, unpredictable cousin with a bit of a mischievous streak. Imagine playing Uno, but with this little machine spits out cards at random moments. You think you’re close to winning? Think again! Press that button, and bam! You could get showered with a whole new hand of cards. 

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Uno Flip – Play with the Light Side or the Dark Side?

Players: 2 to 10 | Game duration from: 30 mins | Game Complexity: EASY
How to play UNO Flip! rules in simple steps
UNO Flip! rules pdf / rulebook

Uno Flip Cards

Uno Flip is a game of Uno where the situation can dynamically change! When someone plays a Flip card, it’s like entering an Uno alternate universe. The cards flip to a dark side with new colors and actions, and suddenly, everyone’s strategies needs a major overhaul. Your commanding position can turn sharply and become a “Oh no, what now?”  situation. We’re all laughing and groaning as we adapt to the sudden twists. 

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Uno Remix – Create your own customised Uno Deck

Players: 2 to 10 | Game duration from: 30 mins | Game Complexity: EASY
How to play UNO Remix rules in simple steps
UNO Remix rules pdf / rulebook

Uno Remix

Uno Remix is a game of Uno where your first game session results in your creating your own customised version of the game Uno. It still adopts the classic Uno rules but the difference is that you play a session to personalise key Uno action cards. For example, you can personalise a Draw 2 card to only apply to a certain player. At the end of the session, you would have succeeded in creating a personal set of Uno customised cards.

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Theme-based Uno Editions 

There are also Uno editions that are based on various popular movies, toys and video games. These editions largely adopt classic Uno game rules with the addition of theme-specific action cards. For example, the Creeper card in Uno Minecraft. 

The other thing to look out for is the beautiful theme-based Uno cards.

Here are some worthy themes:

Uno Mario Kart

Uno Star Wars Mandalorian

Uno Minecraft

Uno Masters of the Universe

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