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Suitable for 2 – 4 players | 30 – 44 mins duration | Recommended age 7+ | Game complexity: EASY Genre: Abstract Strategy,Puzzle,Renaissance Solo game mode: No Co-op: No Online Version: Yes
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What is the goal? #

  • 2-4 player game.
  • Players compete to decorate the walls of the Royal Palace of Evora with different types of wall tiles
  • EARN POINTS for completing the decorative wall tiles

Game setup  #

How to setup the board #

  • Distribute players a player board each. Players use the side with the coloured wall
  • Players take 1 scoring marker and place on \”0\” of score track
  • Factory displays are placed in a circle. # of displays depends on # of players in the game
    • 2 player game: 5 factory displays
    • 3 player game: 7 factory displays
    • 4 player game: 9 factory displays
  • Fill bag with 100 tiles (20 of each colour)
  • Oldest player takes STARTING PLAYER MARKER and randomly draws 4 tiles from bag and FILLs each factory display with 4 tile
Azul Factory Displays
Factory Displays
Azul 1
Azul Player Board

Gameplay #

Game is played over multiple rounds. Game ends after the round where one player has completed a horizontal line of 5 consecutive tiles on their wall.

There are 3 phases in each round:

Phase 1: Factory offer #

Starting player places starting marker in the center of the table.

Player starts a turn by PICKING TILES

Player has 2 options, pick from the factory or pick from the center

  1. Pick all tiles of the same color from a factory display and move remaining tiles to center of the table
  2. Pick all tiles of same color from center of the table

Placing tiles

NOTE: 1st player to take from the center of the table, takes the starting marker and places on left most space of their floor line

  • Place picked tiles to 1 OF THE 5 Pattern lines on the player board
  • If the pattern line already holds tiles, you may only add tiles of the same color to it
  • Line is COMPLETE once ALL spaces on the pattern line are FILLED
  • If there are more tiles than you can place on the Pattern line, place excess on the FLOOR LINE


  • Tiles are placed from left to right
  • Tiles on floor line will result in negative points in the next phase (Wall- tiling)
Azul Picking Tiles from Factory Display
Pick same coloured tiles from factory display
Azul 2
Picking tiles from the center
Azul 3
Placing tiles on Pattern Lines and Floorline

Phase 2: Wall Tiling #

Players carry out this phase simulatneously (at the same time)

Players move tiles from their complete pattern lines to their walls:

  • From top to bottom pattern lines, move the rightmost tile of each complete line to the space of the same color in the corresponding line of their wall;
  • Each time tiles are moved to the wall, points are scored immediately
  • remove all tiles from any pattern lines where a tile has moved to the wall and place in the game box lid
  • remaining tiles on pattern lines stay on player board for next round


Once a tile is placed on a wall, the following points are scored:

  • If no tiles adjacent to newly placed tile, gain 1 point
  • If there are tiles horizontally adjacent to newly placed tile, count number of linked tiles to the tile and gain that many points
  • If there are tiles vertically adjacent to newly placed tile, count number of linked tiles to the tile and gain that many points

Taking away points from FLOOR LINE tiles

  • At end of wall-tiling phase, players with tiles on FLOOR line will LOSE points
  • The number above each tile on FLOOR LINE, indicates the points lost
  • Players cannot have scores below ZERO

Once done, remove all tiles on floor line and place them in the game box lid. Player with starting player marker tile, places the tile in front of them

Phase 3: Preparing for the next round #

Next round is prepared if no one has completed 5 consecutive tiles on their wall

  • Player with the starting player marker refills each of the Factory displays with 4 tiles from the bag
  • If the bag is empty, refill it with all the tiles in the game box lid and then continue filling the remaining Factory displays
  • Then, start the new round
  • if there are no tiles left in the lid, start the new round as usual even though not all Factory displays are properly filled

How do you win? #

The game ends right after the Wall-tiling phase in which at least one player has completed at least one horizontal line of 5 consecutive tiles on their wall.

Players score additional points for the following:

  • +2 points for each horizontal line of 5 consecutive tiles on their wall
  • +7 points for each vertical line of 7 consecutive tiles on their wall
  • +10 points for each colour which has 5 tiles on their wall

The player with the most points on her score track wins the game.

In the case of a tie, thetied player with more complete horizontal lines wins the game.
If that does not break the tie, the victory is shared.

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