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How to play Cirkis

How to play Cirkis game rules in quick simple steps. Get your game started quickly.

Players: 2 to 4 | Game duration from: 15 mins | Game Complexity: EASY How to play Cirkis rules in simple steps

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What is the goal of Cirkis?

Cirkis 1

Players place a piece next to the last piece played (the “Leader”) on each turn. Points are earned by completing Circles and Stars. Whenever a player scores 40 points, the game is over. Additionally, a game can end if one player plays his last piece or if no further plays are possible, in which case the high score wins.

Setting Up Cirkis

  • The CirKis board is placed in the center and arranged so that each player is positioned behind a corner of the board.
  • Each player is given a scoring sheet and a colour of pieces.
  • Give each player a scoring peg and place that peg into the 0 hole. 
  • The rest of the plastic pieces are arranged on the table.
  • Select a player to start first (usually the youngest player)
10 circles and 6 stars on the Cirkis board

How to play Cirkis Game Rules in Simple Steps

Cirkis Game Rules - Piece Placement

How to play Cirkis Game Rules. The first placed piece must be in or at least part of it inside the Center Ring or Center Star. Pieces can only be placed where they can fit. The piece must snap into place for it to be valid. Play then follows to the left.
The only rule when placing a piece is that each piece must be connected to the last piece played or the leader. Pieces are considered touching when edge to edge or corner to corner. When a piece is played, it becomes the new leader and the next piece that is placed should be next to it.

Total Time: 15 minutes

Getting an additional turn

Cirkis 2

There are some ways you can get another turn. These are:
– Placing a piece that is adjacent to filled spaces.
– Placing the final piece in the central star.
– Placing the first silver piece. This is not awarded to any silver piece after this.

When you get a free turn, you can place another piece that touches any piece on the board. This piece then becomes the leader.

Scoring in Cirkis

Whenever a circle or star segment is completed, the player with the most pieces in that segment gets 10 points. Additionally, 5 bonus points are awarded to the player who completes either shape.
The 5 bonus points are not awarded if the player who placed it is also the player who has the most in the segment. 
If there is a tie in the amount of placed segments in the shape, only the 5 bonus points are awarded. 

Losing a turn

If you are unable to place a piece since the leader piece has no remaining spaces, you lose a turn. If all players lose their turn in succession, the game ends.

End of game

When a player reaches 40 or more points, the game stops at the end of his turn. The game can also end when one player plays his final piece or when no player can make a turn.
Players who have no pieces left score 10 additional points.
The highest score wins at the end of the game. In the case of a tie, the player with the least amount of played pieces is the winner. If it is still a tie, it is a joint win.

How to Play Cirkis and Review Videos

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