How to Play Clue Card Game Rules

Clue card game is a card version of the popular board game Clue. This article covers the Clue Card Game Rules – how to play Cluedo Card Game online guide.

Players: 3 to 4 | Game duration from: 45 mins | Game Complexity: EASY How to play Clue: Card Game rules in simple steps

What is the goal of Clue Card Game?

Be the player to solve the crime by correctly naming the SuspectLocation and Weapon. You can catch on quickly to the gameplay if you are already familiar with the board game version of Clue (also known as Cluedo).

Normal Clue Card Game setup

Take out the cards with a +. These are used in Advanced Games. Select a player to be the dealer.

Clue cards used for advanced games

Players select their character and receive case files

Clue Card Game Character Profile
Clue Case File Symbols.

Each player picks a character profile card and gets a set of 12 case files: 6 Suspect Cards, 3 Weapon cards, 3 Location Cards. Case file cards have the above symbols.

Pick The Crime Cards

The dealer separates the CLUE evidence cards into 3 piles: Suspects, Weapons and Location.
Each type is shuffled separately and placed face-down.


The dealer randomly selects one of each pile unseen. and places it aside, face down, keeping the identity hidden from all players.
Cover the cards with the Crime Card.


Dealer deals Evidence cards

The dealer shuffles the remaining Clue Evidence Cards and deals them evenly to the players. Spare cards are placed in the middle for all to see.

Players inspect their case files and known evidence cards (including those in the middle). Known (seen) evidence cards are not part of the crime (not covered by the crime card). Players clear these cards by placing them in their own cleared pile.

Step-by-Step Clue Card Game Rules

Step-by-step Clue card game rules, the dealer goes first and play then passes to the left. Players perform actions each turn to try to identify the cards involved in the crime.

Dealer goes first and play continues to the left

Dealer takes the first turn, followed by next player to the left and so on.

On your turn, ask left player about 2 suspected items

Look at your cards and ask left player about any 2 items you suspect are part of the crime. 2 items of the same type are allowed (e.g 2 weapons). Player that is asked checks their Evidence cards.

If queried player holds suggested Evidence card

They must show you and no one else. If the player has more than one card named, they select one to show you. You can now clear the Evidence Card that you have seen.

If queried player does not hold suggested Evidence card

If the player has none of the suggested cards, they must say so. Continue asking the next player until you see an Evidence card or until all players have been asked. If you are shown an Evidence Card, proceed to clear it. If not, the turn is over and play proceeds to the next player.

Clear Evidence Cards that have been shown

If a player has shown you an Evidence Card, clear your matching Case File card by putting it under your Cleared Pile. The turn is over and play proceeds to the next player.

Winning Clue Card Game

First player to identify the cards involved in the crime wins.

Advanced Clue Card Game Rules

Add in the Advanced Clue game cards. There will be one extra Weapon and 2 extra Locations.

Set-up is the same as before, except each player now has a set of 15 Case
File cards and there are now 3 extra Evidence cards. The gameplay remains the same.

How to Play Clue: Card Game and Review Videos

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