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How to Play Pie Face for those who hate reading rulebooks

I hate the hassle of reading rulebooks and wish they could get straight to the point. I wrote this guide with the aim of helping you learn how to play Pie Face quickly.
If you are looking for an overview of Pie Face’s gameplay, appeal and videos, click here.

How to play Pie Face

layers: 2 to 4 | Game duration from: 15 mins | Game Complexity: EASY

What is the goal?

The Pie Face game goal is to turn the handle and don’t get pie-faced. You score points when you don’t get pie-faced. The first player to score 25 points wins.


Setting up the Pie Face game involves the following:

  • Place the mask between the chin rest slot and the front retaining clips on the thrower.
  • Put the chin rest into the slot on the thrower to further secure the mask.
  • Firmly push the handle into place on both sides of the thrower. Check to make sure the slots match up.
  • Without turning the handles, push the throwing arm into the slot on the triggering mechanism.
  • Place the thrower on a suitable playing surface.
  • Press the throwing arm into place.
  • Place the plastic arm through the numbered card and snap it into the plastic backing.
  • Place the spinner nearby. Fill the “hand” with the wet sponge or lots of whipped cream from home.
  • To keep score, you’ll need a pencil and a piece of paper.


  • Play begins with the youngest player.
  • The spinner is used to determine how many times you must turn the handles.
  • Place your chin on the rest through the mask facing the “hand,” then turn the handles forward the required number of times  
  • Score double points if you complete your turn without getting hit with whipped cream.
  • If you get hit with whipped cream, you’ve been “pie-faced” and do not score.
  • You can choose to turn the handles fewer times than you have spun. After spinning, you must announce how many times you will turn instead. You score a point every time you turn the handles if you don’t get “pie-faced.” You can only score double if you take your full turn.

How to Win

Be the first to score 25 points.

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