How To Play Knockout Darts Games Rules

Knockout darts is one of the easiest dart games you’ll play! Here are the rules for Knockout darts, and you can find more dartboard games here.

What is the goal of Knockout Darts?

Knockout Darts aim to outscore the opposing players and be the last one standing.

What will you need for Knockout Darts?

  • At least 2 players
  • 3 Darts and a Dartboard
  • Scoring sheet

How do you play Knockout Darts in Simple Steps?

Knockout darts is a simple dart game suitable for 2 players or more. Dart players of all skill levels can play this game. Players have 3 lives and take turns throwing 3 darts and competing to get a higher score than the previous player. Failure to beat the score results in the loss of 1 life. Be the last one standing to win.

The starting player throws 3 darts to mark their score

The first player throws their 3 darts onto the dartboard and marks their score.

The next player throws their darts to beat the score

The second player throws their darts, with the objective of getting a higher score than the first player.

The subsequent player tries to beat the previous player’s score

The second player must then throw their darts. Getting a higher score than the player ahead of you is the goal. 3rd beats 2nd, 4th beats 3rd, etc. You must try to beat the last player on the scoreboard until you reach the first player.

Lose a life if you do not beat the score

Players who fail to beat the target score will lose a life and have an X next to their names on the scoreboard.

Winning Knockout Darts

Be the last player standing with lives left in the game.

Materials: 3 darts Dart board

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