How to Play Root Board Game Rules -Setup

We cover the essential instructions to help you quickly learn how to play Root.
In this section, we cover how to setup Root. If you have already setup, click here for the how to play Root rules guide.

Root Board Game Setup – Step by Step

Root board game setup

The following list out the steps required to set up your Root game.

Choose your faction and place score marker

Root - Game Setup 1

If playing with three players, remove the Vagabond. If playing with two, also remove the Alliance. Each player chooses a faction and takes all faction pieces.

Deal Cards

Root - Game Setup 2

Deal Cards. Shuffle the deck of 54 cards and deal 3 to each player.

Place Ruin Chits

Placing ruin chit on ruin slot

Place 4 ruin chits on the 4 map slots marked “R”.

Place Item Chits

Root - Game Setup 3

Place 12 item chits and place them on matching spaces on the map

Hand out Faction Overview Cards

Root - Game Setup 4

Hand out 16 faction overview cards. Place 2 custom dice near map.

Setup Faction

Root - Game Setup 5

Set up your faction as described in Setup on back of each faction board

Marquise de Cat Faction Setup

Root - Game Setup 6

Form supplies of 25 warriors and 8 wood tokens
Place keep token in corner clearing of your choice
Place a warrior in each clearing except clearing diagonally opposite corner of clearing with keep token
Place 1 sawmill, 1 workshop, 1 recruiter. You may place among clearing with keep token and any adjacent clearings in any combination
Place remaining 5 sawmills, 5 workshops and 5 recruiters on matching Building trackings, filling every space except leftmost space

Eeries Dynasties Faction Setup

Eeries Dynasties Root Faction Setup

Form supply of 20 warriors near you
Place 1 Roost and 6 Warriors in the corner clearing diagonally opposite from the clearing with the keep token
Choose 1 of 4 Eyrie Leader cards. Place in Leader Card slot. Stack remaining leaders face up near you
Tuck your 2 Loyal Vizier cards, showing suit, into Decree columns on your faction board
Place your 6 remaining roosts on your Roost Track. Fill all spaces except leftmost

Woodland Alliance Faction Setup

Root - Game Setup 7

Form supply of 10 warriors near you
Place 3 bases on matching spaces in your Bases box
Place 10 sympathy tokens on your Sympathy track
Draw 3 cards and place face down on your Supporters stack

Vagabond Faction Setup

Root - Game Setup 8

Choose a character card and place in Character Card slot
Place Vagabond pawn in any forest
Shuffle quest deck and draw 3 quest cards. Place face up near you.
Take the 4 ruins from the map and items marked with ‘R’. Place one under each ruin and shuffle each ruin stack. Return each stack to empty ruin slot on the map

Starting player and seating order

Determine the starting player and seating order randomly

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