How to Play Root Board Game – Woodland Alliance Rules and Actions

This How to Play Root Board Game section outlines the rules, gameplay and game actions involving the faction Woodland Alliance.

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Overview of Woodland Alliance Faction

Gain Sympathy
Woodland Alliance goal is to gain sympathy of various creatures of Woodland who are dissatisfied with present conditions Each time you place a sympathy token, you SCORE VICTORY POINTS. The more SYMPATHY on the map, the more points scored.
Supporters and rebellions
To gain SYMPATHY, you require SUPPORTERs. Supporters incite rebellions in the forest. When there is a rebellion, the alliance will establish a base.
Base allows Alliance to train officers, and increase military power.

Woodland Alliance Abilities


Crafts during Daylight by activating Sympathy tokens.

Guerrilla War

Battle abilities: As a defender, Alliance faction deals hits equal to the higher roll and attacker deals hits equal to lower roll.

Supporters Stack

Alliance spends SUPPORTERS (cards on supporters stack) to take action. SUPPORTERS can only be spent for their suit and are not counted as part of Alliance’s hand size. Supporters are face down but Alliance player can inspect them at any time.

Supporters card stack limit is dependent on Alliance bases on the map. If Alliance has no bases on the map, supporters stack can only have up to 5 cards. If a supporter is gained but the stack still cannot support it, the card is discarded. If there are bases on the  map, supporters stack can hold unlimited cards

Removing Bases

When a base is removed, discard all supporters of matching suit (including birds) and remove half of their officers, rounded up. If Alliance has no more bases and has more than 5 cards in the supporter’s stack, cards must be discarded down to 5.


Alliance has 10 SYMPATHY tokens. A clearing can hold only 1 sympathy token (known as a SYMPATHETIC clearing)


When another player removes sympathy token or moves warriors into a SYMPATHETIC clearing, they must add 1 card matching the affected clearing from their hand to supporters stack. If no matching cards, they must show their hand to the Alliance. Alliance draws a card from the deck and adds to Supporters stack.

Woodland Alliance Gameplay

How to play Root - Woodland Alliance rules

These steps outline how to play as Woodland Alliance faction in the Root Board Game.


You may Revolt or Spread Sympathy any number of times.

Choose a sympathetic clearing
that matches a base on your faction board.
Spend two supporters matching the suit of the selected clearing.
Remove all enemy pieces from the selected clearing and place the matching base. Place warriors there equal to the number of sympathetic clearings matching the base’s suit. Place one warrior in the Officers box.
Score one victory point per token and building removed.

Spread Sympathy
Choose an unsympathetic clearing adjacent to a sympathetic clearing. If there are no sympathetic clearings, you may choose any clearing.
Spend supporters matching suit of selected clearing. Supporter cost is listed above the sympathy token. Spend another matching supporter if the target clearing
has at least 3 warriors of another player, including warriors they are treating as their own for rule (Mercenaries, hirelings, etc.)
Place a sympathy token in the chosen clearing. Score the victory points on the space uncovered on your faction board.


Take the following actions in any order and number.
Craft: Activate Sympathy tokens to craft card from hand
Mobilize: Add a card from hand to supporters deck
Train: Spend a card whose suit matches a built base to place a warrior in the Officers box. Warrior now becomes an officer.


You take the following steps in order: Military Operations and Draw and Discard cards.

Military Operations
Take the following military actions up to your number of officers:
Move: Take 1 move
Battle: Initiate a battle
Recruit: Place a warrior in any clearing with a base
Organise: Remove one Alliance warrior from an unsympathetic clearing , place a sympathy token, score the victory points listed on the space uncovered on your faction board.

Draw and Discard
Draw one card plus any uncovered draw bonus. Then, if you have more than five cards in your hand, discard down to five.

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