How to Play Root Board Game – Eyrie Dynasties Rules and Actions

This How to Play Root Board Game section outlines the rules, gameplay and game actions involving the faction Eyrie Dynasties.

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Eyrie Dynasties Rules and Abilities

  • Eyrie Dynasties wish to retake control of forest clearings
  • During their EVENING phase, they score victory points based on the number of ROOSTS on the map. Greater their presence in Woodlands, greater their gains
  • They bounded by a certain set of increasing compulsory actions
  • Each turn they must take these actions or fall into TURMOIL

These steps outline how to play as Eyrie Dynasties faction in the Root Board Game.

Birdsong Phase

Root - Eyrie Dynasties Gameplay 1

If you have no cards in hand, draw 1 card.
Select columns of the Decree and add 1 or 2 cards. There are 4 columns: Recruit, Move, Battle and Build. Only 1 card that is added may be a bird card. You may play each card to any column. Columns can hold any number of cards.
If there are no roosts on the map, place a roost and 3 warriors in a clearing with the fewest warriors

Daylight Phase

Activate roosts to craft cards from hand.
You must resolve the Decree, starting with leftmost column and moving right.
In each column, resolve all cards but in any order. For each card, take action listed for its column:
Place a warrior in any clearing with a roost whose suit matches the card suit.
Move from any clearing whose suit matches the card suit. (You must move at least
one warrior.)
Initiate a battle in any clearing whose suit matches the card suit.
Place a roost in any clearing you rule whose suit matches the card suit and which
has no roost.

Fall in Turmoil (see below) if you cannot take action.

Fall in Turmoil if you cannot take action

Lose 1 victory point per bird card (including Loyal Viziers) on the Decree
Discard all cards on the Decree (except your Loyal Viziers)
Flip current leader face down and set aside, choose a new leader from those face up and place on your faction board
Put your Loyal Viziers into Decree spaces listed on new leader
If you must choose a new leader but none are face up, flip all leaders face up
End Daylight Phase and begin Evening phase


Score points listed on rightmost empty space of your Roosts track
Draw 1 card, plus 1 card per uncovered draw bonus
If you have more than 5 cards, discard until you have 5

Eyrie Leaders

Eyrie have 4 leader cards.

Builder. Loyal Viziers begin on Recruit and Move. Whenever you craft, you score listed victory points instead of just one.

Charismatic. Loyal Viziers begin on Recruit and Battle. Whenever you take a Recruit action, you must place two warriors instead of one.

Commander. Loyal Viziers begin on Move and Battle. In battle as attacker, you deal an extra hit.

Despot. Loyal Viziers begin on Move and Build. Whenever you remove at least one enemy building or token in battle, you score one extra victory point (two in total, 3.2.1).

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