How to Play Root Board Game – Marquise de Cat Rules and Actions

This How to Play Root Board Game section outlines the rules, gameplay and game actions involving the faction Marquise de Cat.
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Marquise de Cat Rules and Abilities

  • Crafts during Daylight by activating workshops
  • ONLY Marquise can place pieces in clearing with keep token (pieces may be moved into but not placed). If keep token is removed, you can’t place it on the map again.
  • Whenever any number of Marquise warriors are removed from a clearing, the Marquise may spend a card matching that clearing to place those warriors in the clearing with the keep token instead of the Marquise’s supply

Marquise de Cat Gameplay

Marquise de Cat Rules Overview

These steps outline how to play as Marquise de Cat faction in the Root Board Game.

Birdsong Phase

Place 1 wood token at each sawmill.

Daylight Phase

Activate workshops to craft cards from hand
Take up to 3 actions in any order. Additional actions are taken by spending on bird card per action. The available actions are: Battle, March, Recruit, Build, Overwork.

Initiate a battle

Take 2 moves

Place 1 warrior at each recruiter. Can only be once per turn.

Build and score Victory Points
Choose a building type and place one building on an open slot in a clearing you rule by spending required wood token cost. You spend wood from the chosen clearing, any adjacent clearings you rule, or any clearings connected to the chosen clearing you rule through any number of clearings you rule.
Score the victory points listed on the space uncovered on your faction board.

Spend a card matching the clearing of a Sawmill and place a wood token there.

You may take any number of extra actions by spending one bird card per extra action.
Unless otherwise noted, any faction may take actions listed in the same phase in any order, and may take a given action multiple times.


Draw 1 card plus 1 card per uncovered draw bonus
If you have more than 5 cards, discard until you have 5

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