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Quickstart Guide to How to Play Game of Life

How to play Game of Life - rules and instructions

How to play Game of Life player guide summary. If you already know the rules but just need a quick reminder, this summary sheet will guide you through the key rules of Game of Life.

Players: 2 to 6 | Game duration from: 55 mins | Game Complexity: EASY How to play The Game of Life rules in simple steps The Game of Life rules pdf / rulebook | Play The Game of Life Online Link 1

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Total Time: 1 hour


Choose your car and peg.
Get $200k from the bank.
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Choose Career or College

Players decide on a career or college on their first turn.
College offers move career and salary options in future but it takes time and you will be in debt
If choosing career, take 2 career cards and select one and place car on career path.
If choosing college, pay bank $100k in college fees and place car on college path.
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Spin Spinner and move

Spin and spinner and move spaces along chosen path (career or college)
Collect salary when passing Payday space
Stop even if you have moves left if you come to a STOP! space
Follow instructions on space that you land and pass to next player
Click here for details on Game of Life Board Spaces
Click here for details on Game of Life Stop! Spaces

Reaching Retirement

Reach retirement space and choose to go to Millionaire Mansion or Countryside Acres.
Park car there and wait for everyone else to retire.
Collect Retirement Bonus from the bank.
1st to retire: $400k
2nd to retire: $300k
3rd to retire: $200k
4th to retire: $100k


When everyone reaches retirement, everyone calculates their net worth by
1. Selling owned houses. Spin to determine worth and collect cash from bank.
2. Collect $100k for each Action card in hand
3. Collect $100k for each Pet Card in hand
4. Collect $50k for each baby in your family
5. Pay bank $60k for each outstanding loan you have
6. Count total cash and player with the most wins

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