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Suitable for 2 – 4 players | 40 – 50 mins duration | Recommended age 6+ | Game complexity: EASY Genre: Abstract Strategy Solo game mode: No Co-op: No Online Version: Yes
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What is the goal? #

Score the most points by creating and expanding lines of colour and shape tiles.

Game setup  #

  1. Place all tiles in the bag
  2. Each player draws their hand of 6 tiles and keeps it hidden from others

Gameplay #

Starting the game #

  • Players declare the largest number of tiles they have that are the same color or shape.
  • The player who can play the most tiles with a similar attribute starts the game. If there is a tie, the oldest player in the tie starts the game.
  • Play continues clockwise.

Turn Actions #

On one\’s turn, you can do one of the following actions:

  • Add 1 tile to the grid and then draw a tile to bring your hand up to 6.
  • Add 2 or more tiles to the grid. All played tiles from your hand must share one attribute, either colour or shape. Tiles must be played in the same line but they do not have to touch each other. Draw tiles to bring your hand back up to 6.
  • Trade some or all of your tiles for different tiles

Adding tiles to the Grid #

  • Players take turns adding to the grid that is created on the first turn.
  • All tiles must connect to the grid. 2 or more tiles that touch create a line. A line is either all one shape or one colour. Tiles that are added to a line must share the same attribute as the tiles that are already in the line.
  • Often there are places on the grid where no tile can be played.
A line of shapes #

There can only be 1 tile of each of the 6 colours.
For example, a line of squares can only have 1 blue square.

A line of colour #

There can only be 1 tile of each of the 6 shapes
For example, a line of yellow can only have 1 yellow circle

Trading in Tiles #

  • You can choose to trade in some or all of your tiles
  • Set aside your chosen tiles for trade and draw replacement tiles
  • Put and mix the tiles you traded back into the bag
  • If you are unable to add to the grid on your turn, you must trade in some or all of your tiles

Scoring #

  • When a line is created, you score 1 point for each tile in the line.
  • When you add to an existing line, you score 1 point for each tile in that line, including those that were already in that line. 1 tile can score 2 points if it is part of 2 different lines
  • Whoever ends the game gets a 6 point bonus

Scoring a Qwirkle #

  • Bonus 6 points are scored whenever you complete a line of 6 tiles
  • A Qwirkle scores at least 12 points, 6 points for the 6 tiles and the bonus 6 points
  • 6 tiles must be either 6 tiles of the same colour, each of a different shape or
    6 tiles of the same shape, each of different colour
  • Lines of more than 6 tiles are not allowed

How do you win? #

Ending the Game #

When there are no more tiles to draw, play continues as before, but players do not replenish their hands at the end of their turn. The 1st player who uses all of their tiles ends the game and gets a 6 point bonus.
The player with the highest score wins.

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