10 Board Games You Can Play Online

With COVID and social distancing rules in place, inviting family and friends over for a well-loved board game night just isn’t the option at the moment. So in today’s blog post, we have put together a list of 10 board games that you can play together online and from afar. 1. Clue With this beautifully … Read more

10 Board Games That Teach You Life Skills

In today’s blog post, we are going to be talking about 10 board games that teach you various life skills, especially economic and money management ones. 1. The Pursuit of Happiness In The Pursuit of Happiness, you take control of a character from birth to old age where you are able to live the life … Read more

Top 10 Card Games to Play on Christmas

With the festive season being just around the corner, and Christmas Day is going to be here before we know it, I thought it would be appropriate to round up the top 10 best card games to play with family and friends together these holidays. From Exploding Kittens to your classic game of UNO, here’s … Read more

Card Games for 2 Players

Today’s blog post will be about the top card games that are perfect for 2 players. So grab a friend and try one of these card games below! 1. Nertz Nertz is a fast-paced card game which involves multiple decks of playing cards. It requires quick reactions, awareness of cards that are being played at … Read more

Recommended Worker Placement Board Games – Paladins of the West Kingdom

10 Board Games You Can Play Online 48

As part of my blog posts, I will be providing regular reviews and recommendations on specific genre or types of board games. In this recommended worker placement board games post, let’s take a look at the game, Paladins of the West Kingdom by GarpHill games. 1 -4  players 90 – 120 mins Age: 12 + Learn how to play But … Read more