How to play Halve it Darts
How to Play Farkle
How to Play Farkle

How to play Halve It Dartboard game

Halve It Dart game is one of the most challenging dart games. Here are the rules to get started and you can find more dartboard games here.

How do you setup Halve It Dartboard Game?

One or more players can play Halve It. All numbers are in play. There is an assigned target each round and there are 13 rounds.

What is the objective of Halve It Dart Game?

The objective of Halve It Dart game is to hit the target set for each round, without missing. Scores are halved if the target is missed. The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

Step by Step on How to Play Halve It Dart Game

This section outlines the steps on how to play Halve It Dart Game. Halve it is played across 13 rounds. In each round, there is a set target number to hit. Doubles (when you hit inner ring) and Trebles (when you hit outer ring) are scored as per standard dart game.

Identify target number to hit at the start of the round

There is a target number to hit, depending on the round.

Round 1: 12
Round 2: 13
Round 3: 14
Round 4: Any Double
Round 5: 15
Round 6: 16
Round 7: 17
Round 8: Any Double
Round 9: 18
Round 10: 19
Round 11: 20
Round 12: Bull, both rings count as 25 points
Round 13: Bull, inner ring, 50 points, outer ring 50 points

Throw 3 darts and score

On your turn, throw 3 darts and attempt to score the highest points as well as hit the required target for the round. If none of your darts hit the target, your scored points is halved.

Total all points at the end of 13 rounds

Total all points at the end of 13 rounds. Player or team with the highest score wins.

Frequently Asked Questions about Halve It Darts

What is Halve It Darts?

It is a game where players try to hit previously agreed targets on a dartboard, and failure to do so results in their accumulated score being halved

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