How to play 301 Darts

How to play 301 darts rules

We all want a straight forward simple game to play with friends around drinks, so 301 or 501 Darts is the perfect game just for that! Here are the rules for this dartboard game and click here for more dartboard games

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What is the goal of 301 Darts?

The main goal of this dartboard game is to accumulate points to subtract your score of 301 all the way to exactly zero, with the green bull worth 25 points and the bullseye worth 50 points.

How do you set up 301 Darts?

This a 2 player game. Each player will have a turn consisting of 3 darts
Determine which player goes first by tossing a coin or throwing a dart each and whoever is closest to the bullseye.

Step by Step 301 Darts Rules

Step by step guide on how to play 301 Dart Game.

Decide on starting player

Determine which player goes first by tossing a coin or throwing a dart each and whoever is closest to the bullseye.

Players start off with base score of 301

Each player begins with a base score of 301. Players taking turns throwing their 3 darts per turn. Players score based on the numbers they hit and subtract score from their score of 301.

Scoring in 301 Darts

When you throw your 3 darts during your turn, total up the value scored. Number Value is doubled if you hit the outer ring and tripled if you hit the inner ring. Green bull is 25 points and Bullseye is 50 points.
You will then subtract that number from 301 and note the latest turn total.
This continues until one of you hits zero exactly.

Winning 301 Darts

Reduce your score to exactly zero and finish on a double to win. If you go below zero or score the exact amount needed without hitting a double, no score is marked.

Frequently Asked Questions about 301 + 501 Darts

Do you have to throw all 3 darts in 301/501 Darts?

You do not have to throw all 3 darts in a round of 301 + 501 Darts, however, you would normally do it unless you are close to reaching zero.

What is a perfect game in 301 Darts?

A 6 dart finish.

How do you play 501 Darts?

501 darts is exactly the same as 301 darts, except each player starts with a base score of 501. If playing with teams, this score may be increased to 601 or higher depending on the number of players

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