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How to play Follow the Leader Dart Game Rules

A simple, straightforward guide to help you learn how to play Follow the Leader darts game fast! Click here for more dartboard games

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Follow the Leader Darts Game Setup

Players’ names appear on the scoreboard in any order. A throw of one dart each at the bullseye, with the closest player throwing first and the furthest throwing last. In subsequent games, the first player that gets eliminated in the previous game goes first and so on. Track the number of lives each player has on the scoreboard.

How to Play Follow the Leader Darts Games Rules

How to Play Follow the Dealer Darts. Playing this game is simple yet fun. The game is similar to ‘Horse’ in basketball. The game is recommended for groups of 3 or more players. Players have three lives.

The first player sets a target

Follow the Leader Darts 1

To set a random target, the first player throws a dart left-handed (or right-handed if left-handed). The exact wedge or bullseye the dart hit is marked on the scoreboard. You would mark “S5” if the dart lands in the 5 between the triple ring and the bullseye. A triple 5 would be “T5”. A dart landing between the double and triple rings would be called “B5”. D5 is written if the dart lands on a double 5.

Next player attempts to hit the target

The next player must attempt to hit the same target. Players have 3 dart throws to hit the target.

The player who hits the target sets a new target

If you hit the target, any remaining darts may now be used to mark a new target.
If you hit the target with the third dart, you pull all three darts and establish a new target. You may stop after hitting the target. The last dart thrown at the board is the new target. It is only the last dart that counts, not the other darts.

Lose a life if you miss your target after 3 throws

If you do not hit your target during your turn within your 3 throws, you lose 1 life. You have 3 lives. You are out of the game if you lose all of your lives.

Target remains the same if you miss

If you miss the board with the last dart, the target remains.

Target remains the same if everyone misses

No throw is necessary if you set a target and all other players fail to match it.
Keeping the same target number is an option. Risking taking a turn means you must hit the target just like everyone else. You lose a life if you miss it as if you did not set the number.

Winning Follow the Leader

The last player standing / survivor is the winner.

Materials: 3 darts nDartboard

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