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How to play Nine Lives Dart Game Rules

A simple, straightforward guide to help you learn how to play Nine Lives darts game fast! Click here for more dartboard games

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What is the goal of Nine Lives Darts Game?

The rules are the same as around the clock darts, except if you miss scoring with all 3 of your darts, you lose your life. The goal is to hit all numbers 1 through 20, including the bullseye, in numerical order without passing or skipping any numbers.

Step by Step How to Play Nine Lives Darts Games Rules

Step-by-step Nine Lives Darts game instructions. Discuss with everyone and determine the order of play. Players start with 3 lives and attempt to hit numbers 1 to 20 and then the bullseye.

Start by aiming to hit number 1

On your turn, aim to hit number 1 on the dart board by throwing 3 darts. If you succeed with any of your three darts, you are now on the number 2.

Proceed to your next number if you still have remaining darts

If you hit your number with your first or second dart, use your remaining darts to go for the next number.

Your turn ends after throwing 3 darts

Once you have thrown three darts, your turn ends and it’s the next player’s turn to do the same. This continues until one of you reaches and hits the 20 to win the game.

Lose a life if you miss your number during your turn

If you do not hit your number during your turn within your 3 throws, you lose 1 life. You have 3 lives. You are out of the game if you lose all of your lives

How do you win 9 Lives dart game?

The first person to reach and hit the number 20, wins the game.

Materials: 3 darts Dartboard

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