Around the World darts is a popular game as a result of its simplicity. Here are these dartboard game rules, and you can find other rules to dart games here.

How to play Around the World Darts

How do I set up Around the World Darts?

This game is for 2 players and will require all 20 numbers to be in play. You will need three darts and a scoring sheet.

Decide who goes first. There is no established way to do this, but you can choose the order by who hits the bullseye closest.

How to play Around the World Darts in Simple Steps?

Around the world darts

Around the World Darts rules. The objective of this dartboard game is to hit all numbers 1 through 20, including the bullseye, in numerical order without passing or skipping any numbers.

Throw 3 darts on your turn

On your turn, you get to throw 3 darts. You will attempt to hit numbers 1 through 20 consecutively. Once you hit a number, you proceed to the next. There are no points or advantages for hitting doubles or triples.

Winning Around the World Darts

All numbers must be hit in order up to 20, then the bullseye. The player who completes this sequence first wins.
Players throw three darts extra if a tie occurs. Players need to hit the red inner bullseye and the player who hits the most bullseyes wins the match.

How do you win Around the World Darts?

Be the first player to hit all numbers in order from 1 to 20, including the bullseye.

Frequently Asked Questions about Around the World Darts

What is Around the World Darts?

It is a game that requires players to go around in order hitting numbers 1 to 20 consecutively, including the bullseye

How long is a game of Around the World Darts?

Typically around 10-15 minutes

How many chances do you get in Around the World?

Three darts per turn.

What is Around the World darts called?

Around the world darts is also known as around the clock or round the board darts.

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