How to play Gotcha Darts Rules

How to play Gotcha Dart Rules in simple steps. Click here for more dartboard games

It’s like 501 or 301 in reverse, where you can choose the level of difficulty and length of the game based on how many players are available and their skill level. A Gotcha Darts game has no limit on the number of participants (the more the better), and every level of player can compete and win.

Gotcha Darts Rules FAQs

What score do you play to in Gotcha?

Players choose a target score for their Gotcha game. As the score increase, the game will take longer. It is recommended that the score be at least 180.

What happens when you bust in Gotcha?

You need to achieve the target score exactly. Overscoring will result in a bust. As a result, none of the shots for that round will be counted, and the player’s score will remain the same.

Step by Step Gotcha Darts Rules

Gotcha Darts Rules. First, players choose a target number for their Gotcha game. In order to win, a player must reach this goal. As the score increases, the game will take longer, but we recommend exceeding 180 to prevent a player from winning in one round.

Take turns throwing 3 darts

You take turns throwing your 3 darts at the dartboard. Throw until one player’s total reaches the target goal.. For Gotcha dart game, you tally your score and count up from zero.

Kill an opponent’s score in Gotcha

“Kill” an opponent’s score early in the game and bring it back down to zero. This can be accomplished by throwing another player’s total score during your turn. To wipe them out, you need to hit their exact score. For example, player 1 throws and finishes with a total score of 50. Player 2 steps up and throws a score of 50 during their turn. Player 1’s total score is brought back down to 0.

Scoring in Gotcha Darts

When you throw your 3 darts during your turn, total up the value scored. Number Value is doubled if you hit the outer ring and tripled if you hit the inner ring. Green bull is 25 points and Bullseye is 50 points. You add the total value to whatever points you have already scored in the previous round, keeping a running tally.

Winning Gotcha Darts

A winner is determined by reaching the predetermined target score exactly (without going over). Overscoring will result in a bust. As a result, none of their shots for that round will be counted, and their score will remain the same.

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