How to play Grand National Dart Game Rules

How to play Grand National Dart Game rules to get your darts game started quick. If you are interested in other types of dart games, click here for more dartboard games

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What is the goal of Grand National Darts?

The Grand National horse race inspired this game. In this horse race, horses race twice around the racecourse and jump fences. The first across the finish line is the winner but a lot of horses fall over.

Step by Step Grand National Basic Dart Game Rules

Dart Board

Step by Step Grand National Basic Dart Game Rules. A player’s aim is to travel anticlockwise around the dartboard starting at 20, then 5 and then 12 etc.

Throw 3 darts on your turn, starting with 20

Each section (points) of the dartboard is like a hurdle in the horse race. You must hit that section when you throw your 3 darts during your turn. For example, on your first turn, you have to hit 20. you don’t, you are out of the game. Once you hit 20, you proceed to the next section (the number 5 in this case) on the next turn.

Move anticlockwise from section to section

Similar to 20, you will need to hit the next section within your turn.

Winning Grand National Dart Game

Be the first to go round the dartboard and back to 20 and win!

Advanced Grand National Dart Game Rules

The goal is still the same. Travel anticlockwise around the board twice but in this game, you begin at the large 5 section of the dartboard.

You hit each alternative large section number as you move around the board. For instance, 5 then 9 followed by 11 until you reach 1. As you move the second time around the board, hit the small 5 section and the small sections of each alternative number. Your final finish point will be the bullseye or 25.

The winner is the first to travel around the board twice or the furthest travelled.

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