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All you need to know about Goryo

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Players: 2 – 2 players | Game Duration 20 – 30 mins | Min. Age 10+ | Game complexity: EASY Genre: Solo game mode: No | Co-op: No | Online Version: No

What is Goryo about?

Goryo is a spirit that appears as a cat in the palace, bound to a certain type of object. Goryo has to smash five objects in the palace’s rooms without being harmed by the Samurai in order to win the game. If the Samurai wants to win, he or she must find out what the Goryo is bound to, or catch its essence three times.

The Samurai rushed to the source of the sound and now face a female spirit similar to a cat. She has a mystical aura around her that is beyond compare! After a moment of confusion, the Samurai guarding the Palace of Edo regains his courage: he’s perfectly trained to fight both earthly and unearthly forces!  Shint* monks’ seals will once again be useful.
Both players alternate in asymmetrical turns:
  • In order to mislead her opponent, Gory0 plans how to break an object.
  • the Samurai use their available actions to chase the Goryō along her path;
  • the Goryō reveals her route and the Samurai verify the collected clues before moving to the next round

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