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netrunnerAndroid Netrunner Beginner guide review to provide new players an overview of the gameplay and objectives of the card game, Netrunner.

Netrunner Game Theme

Humanity has expanded across the solar system.

On Earth, a massive space elevator has been built near the equator and is the hub of trade in the solar system. Most people refer to it as the “Beanstalk.” 

Enormous megaCorps, called corps by most, dictate every facet of daily life. Androids—robotic synthetic life forms are now part of the workforce and threaten to destroy the social structure and replace human labour. 

Everyone relies on the Network, the all-seeing, all-hearing grid that surrounds Earth and reaches out into the solar system and beyond. The Network is the backbone of modern civilization and has become a battlefield of corporate and criminal interests struggling to control the flow of that information. 

Rogue operators—computer specialists with the hardware, software, and raw talent are out to challenge the system. They are the runners and this game is about them.

Netrunner Game Overview

One player is the Runner, a hacker armed with state-of-the-art gear and software that is used to attack the servers of megacorps.  The other player is the head of a powerful Corporation, or Corp, who will pursue their goals while at the same time, trying to foil the Runner’s attacks.

Agendas represent valuable pieces of data.

During a game, the Runner builds hardware and programs to steal agendas from the Corp’s servers.

The Corp protect their servers from the Runner’s attacks while trying to advance agendas before the Runner can steal them.

The first player to have seven points worth of agendas wins.

Two players can play Android: Netrunner using only the contents of this core set.
However, Android: Netrunner is also a Living Card Game (LCG®) that evolves over time with regularly released expansions. Each expansion offers players additional cards that add variety, new customization options, and rich themes to the game.


Android Netrunner
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    • Not a pay to win card game – you don’t need to buy booster packs
    • Games are won using multi-layered strategies such as card combos
    • Deep strategic and tactical gameplay


    • Tough learning curve but once you get a hang of it, it is fun

    Android Netrunner Beginner Guide Review

    Android Netrunner Beginner Guide Review - with Tom Vasel

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