What Do You Meme Rules

3 – 6 Players

30 mins

Age: 17 +

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Table of Contents

What is the goal?

The objective of the game is to try and create the funniest meme combination.

Game setup 

  • Each player draws 7 Caption Cards.
  • The person with the most Instagram followers starts as the judge.


  • The Judge selects a photo card for that round and places it on the easel for everyone to see.
  • All other players decide which of their 7 caption cards pairs the funniest with the photo card. When decided, they pass their chosen caption card, face down to the judge.
  • Once all chosen caption cards are received, the judge will then shuffle them and read them aloud one at a time. Be sure to make the Photo Card visible to the whole group whilst the Caption Cards are being read.
  • The judge selects the funniest caption card and the player who played it wins the round, keeping the photo card as a point. (1 Photo Card = 1 Point).
  • Everyone will then draw back up to 7 cards. The player on the judge’s left becomes the new judge for the next round.
  • Keep playing until you wish to stop the game. The player with the most Photo Cards at the end of the game is the winner.

Bonus Rules

If someone plays a Freestyle Card, all players must make up a caption on the spot for that round. This can be done by writing them down on pieces of paper which will be passed to the judge or they can be presented verbally.

You can exchange one of your earned Photo Cards for a brand new hand of 7 Caption Cards.

You can add your own photos to the game. It could be quite hilarious meme-ing people you know in real life.

How do you win?

To win What Do You Meme?, you need to have the most Photo Cards out of everyone at the end of the game. To win a Photo Card, you will need to have the funniest meme combination out of everyone. 


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