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Takenoko Game Theme

takenoko game rulesAfter a long series of disputes, diplomatic relations between Japan and China are finally improving. To celebrate this alliance, the Chinese Emperor has given the Japanese Emperor, a Giant Panda bear, a symbol of peace.
The Japanese Emperor has ordered his court members (the players), to care for the animal by setting up his bamboo garden.

With the help of the Imperial gardener, the players will cultivate the land plots, irrigate them and grow one of the three species of bamboo (Green, Yellow and Pink).
They will have to deal with the hunger of the sacred animal for the juicy and tender bamboo.
The player who grows the most bamboo, managing his land plots best while feeding the delicate Panda will win the game.

Takenoko Board Game Rules overview

takenoko game rulesDuring the game, players receive objective cards and take turns to do the following:

  • determine the weather conditions
  • decide which actions to perform:
    • setting up plots for the growth of bamboo
    • irrigate plots to grow bamboo
    • move the gardener
    • move the panda
    • draw an objective card
  • complete an objective

Players earn points by completing objectives. At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins.

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    Game Features

    Recommended Age 13
    Estimated Game Time 45 min
    Min number of players 2
    Max number of players 4
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