Betrayal at House on the Hill

Betrayal at house on the hill review

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Betrayal at House on the Hill Review

In Betrayal at House on the Hill, you and your friends explore a creepy old house. As you look around the house, you will find new rooms. Different encounters are waiting for you when you enter each new room. As you and your friends progress, some of you will begin to change (for better or worse), depending on how you deal with the house’s surprises.

At some point in the game, one of you will trigger a scenario called a haunt. When the haunt is revealed, one of you will become a traitor and he/she will try to defeat the rest of you. The rest of you will become heroes and will try to survive. The game becomes a fight between the traitor and the heroes.

The game has 50 haunts/scenarios, each one telling a different story.


Betrayal at House on the Hill Review Summary
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    • Unique concept of betrayal and multiple scenarios
    • Multiple scenarios provide different experiences and replayability
    • Roleplaying-like game


    • The beginning part of the game before the trigger of the scenario can become less meaningful once you play a few games
    • Different rules for different scenarios can be overwhelming for beginner players

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    Game Features

    Recommended Age 12
    Estimated Game Time 60 min
    Min number of players 3
    Max number of players 6
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